Do you want to learn how to paint Word Bearers?

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Hi all, I return with a little step by step painting guide for painting Word Bearers using a combination of spray paints, washes and paints.

I would usually use an airbrush for the stages that I did the spray painting. As most of you know, setting up an airbrush (as rewarding it is with results) is rather time consuming.

So with that in mind I studied up on the ‘Zenith Technique’ (spraying at angles to get highlights) and came up with my method to paint Word Bearers.

Here is the step by step method I formulated. May not be everyone’s cup of tea but I am happy with the results.

Word Beares paint guide

Step by step guide with colours used in the process too!

  1. Base coat the model with black undercoat
  2. Using the brown spray, coat the model
  3. Spray the dark red spray at a 45 degree angle pointing down on the model (zenith painting method
  4. Using the bright red spray coat the model at around 65 degrees just so it catches the top of the model (doesn’t look like much different but it is)
  5. Spray the orange spray directly down on top of the model (90 degrees)
  6. Run the Carrobourg Crimson wash across the model (I prefer the old Baal Red to be honest)
  7. Using Vallejo Chainmail carefully pick out the metallic parts of the armor
  8. Using the old Calthan brown pick out bones on the armour and alike
  9. Paint the skin, bones and cloth on the model with Bleached Bone
  10. Using army painter Brown wash coat the entire model, this will really bring the model alive!
  11. At this point I just picked out highlights on the flesh, armour, metal and added the Blood for the Blood God technical paint (like a blood ink) onto to bits here and there.

The result:

Painted Word Bearer Chaos Space Marine

Righto as usual signing off, thanks for reading!
Rick Vaveliuk
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