Plague Marine battle report

Dave’s garage is back! Admittedly, it never went anywhere; well, apart from the obvious geographic relocation that occurs with house moving. But I digress.

To help celebrate, I played a game of Warhammer 40000 using my Plague Marines.

Australia’s largest Warhammer 40000 tournament is coming up in February next year; Arc40K will be a standout in the tournament calendar.

In order to get in some practice and also learn the finer points of the rules, we played 1350 points. Smaller points games (and the tournaments that use them) are always a real challenge because you don’t have the space for all the toys you’d like to take and have to remember to build an army that can take on all comers and fulfil the mission goals.

After doing the table setup, we rolled Purge the Alien and had short table edge deployment. Plague Marines are not hugely mobile without the addition of transports and my list was very much an assault range list with lots of meltaguns and plasma guns. To help create a bit of mystery for my opponent, Typhus was given a body guard of three Obliterators and the list included a termicide unit to fully test the tactic.

Nurgle Chaos Space Marine battle report

Dave’s army is a mish-mash of Ultramarine and their successor chapters. The unifying Ultramarine blue is broken up with patches of Bone and white for variation and looks really effective.

The WIP Storm Talon

The WIP Storm Talon

The Ultramarine list was:

Captain Sicarius
10 man Tac Squad: Lascannon, Plasma gun
10 man Tac Squad : Vet Sergeant with Power Axe, Multi Melta, Melta gun
Dreadnought: Multi Melta Extra Armour
5 Assault Terminators: TH/SS
Centurion Devie Squad (3): 3 x Grav Cannon, Omniscope
StormRaven: Twin linked Lascannon, Twin linked Multi Melta

The game was hugely fun; I don’t know why but every time I play I am always reminded how much fun Warhammer 40000 with mates really is. It may have been the opponent 😉

Whilst the Plague Marines took a mighty wallop from the Space Marine army, there were a few points to note including:

  • Logic would dictate that the (proxy) Centurions and that Dreadnought are in a lot of trouble, right?
    Nurgle Chaos Space Marine battle report
    Double sixes TWO turns in a row for Psychic Test and my historically outstanding dice rolling with Obliterators meant that they were fine. The Obliterators got dusted off by a charging Dread and Typhus was standing all alone with no bodyguard.
  • This counters the eleven odd armour saves made on one Plague Marine elsewhere.
  • Feel No Pain is utterly brilliant and worth the points paid for a 5+ save against pretty well everything. With their native toughness five, only Ordinance weapons were going to get Instant Death.
  • Typhus and Manreaper are the ideal close assault weapon; Champion of Chaos means you HAVE to issue a challenge. Confusing.
  • Mobility would have been awesome. There is the possibility of dropping one of the Obliterators in order to get two naked Rhinos for transport.
  • Ignore the Storm Talon; the melta is annoying, but you still get Feel No Pain against the wound.
  • Deep striking Terminators are pretty nasty (see termicide), but not if the enemy has no armour. In that case, try desperately to reach combat. This works fine until cowardly Space Marine fail their leadership roll, fall back, rally automatically and the shoot the snot out of Nurgle’s finest.
  • Purge the Alien gives victory points for units wiped out. I THINK I got two, possibly three. Dave definitely cleaned me up; I was tabled by the end of the game. That doesn’t change the fact it was heaps of fun and only my third (?) game of sixth edition with more to come!