Plague Marine Heavy Support Units

A bit of a more detailed breakdown of my Plague Marine army. Including pictures and a bit of a dissertation about the models involved.

Heavy Support

  • 3 x Obliterators
  • 3 x Obliterators
  • 3 x Obliterators

The Obliterators are Chaos Space Marines who have been afflicted with the “Obliterator virus”. The virus biologically fuses the unfortunate to their power armour but allows them to spawn weapons and ammunition. The Obliterators are slow, lumbering beasts that have long passed from the realms of sanity. This may be possibly caused by the constant mutation or conflict with the Machine Spirit of their weapons and armour being fused into a daemonic machine of destruction.

These guys are gold! Deep striking heavy weapons with an invulnerable save. Either that or deployed as mobile fire bases. Yup, they can move and shoot.

In times gone by, I tried fielding nine Obliterators in an army (back when they were 0-1 except for Iron Warriors). It didn’t work. What did work was the lone suicide Obliterator used for the surprise factor, landing next to something important and vaporising it.

In my current army, as the only heavy support choice I have, they are employed as mobile fire bases and body guards for Typhus to Deep Strike with. I have always enjoyed playing Obliterator heavy lists despite their weaknesses, however, in the current Chaos Space Marine Codex, they are candidates for the Mark of Nurgle to give the Obliterators a much needed toughness boost. Each unit of Obliterators chooses the weapon they will fire but can’t fire the same weapon in the following shooting phase.

Interestingly, in the current Chaos Space Marine codex, Obliterators can now use Assault Cannons as the only non-energy based weapon too.

They are a mainstay of my Chaos Space Marine army and a definite keeper.