Plague Marine inventory

The Death Guard and Plague Marines weren’t always my favourite army; it was a gradual migration from my Iron Warriors army of fourth edition where nine Obliterators was my theme. It turns out that fitting nine Obliterators into an Iron Warriors list was less than optimal. In short, I sucked with them!

As the Chaos book has evolved into the sixth edition Codex that we know and love, I have kept the army up for good or for bad. In fifth edition, though, it became clear that Plague Marines with their high toughness were the way to go.

My Plague marine army was an attempt to tell the story of the Iron Warriors company’s gradual move to the Plagued One, Nurgle. To maintain the theme, everything in the army is Nurgle-y. I have run up a bit of an inventory of my Plague Marine army as you can see below. At the moment, they’re still built for fifth edition, and I am hoping that my new found enthusiasm for sixth edition will see them resurrected.