Plague Marines vs. Tzeentch Daemons

The Brotherhood of Rust are planning on an outing at Kill Count and having got a leave pass, I decided to go game on with my good friend Brad.

If you look at Landofmisfittoys, let me just say that this man tells horrible lies about my performance!

My erstwhile opponent wondering why he didn’t put Tzeentch Flamers in his preferred wave. I didn’t really give it much notice until they hit the board and evaporated a squad; then I wondered the same thing!

However, all kidding aside, he took copious notes about the game so I won’t go into too much detail apart from my own impressions.

Except for this one spectacular roll made in hand to hand combat, Daemon Prince on Daemon Prince: I proudly present five 4+ invulnerable saves

I was quite looking forward to this game. It’s been a while since i faced off against Brad. Historically, he is widely regarded as one of the top Warhammer 40,000 players in Melbourne; so I expect to get soundly beaten even though he’s only just coming back into it after playing Warhammer for a while.

I haven’t really played against the new Chaos Daemons in the tourneys I have been to. I seem to be having problems getting past the Marine (or equivalent) players, despite being one myself. This game promised to be quite an education!

Brad  was running Tzeentch daemons.

  • Five squads of horrors
  • Lord of Change
  • Two Daemon Princes with Mark of Tzeentch
  • Five screamers
  • Two units of three flamers.

This all made up 1750 points .

On top of my usual 1500 points, I decided that I needed to bolster my non-existent long range fire power. This took the form of two Dreadnoughts, one armed with an Auto-Cannon and Dreadnought close combat weapon and the other armed with a Twin-Linked Lascannon and a Missile Launcher. I am always hesitant about taking Dreadnoughts due to the chance of them going mad and accidentally shooting something important. I got lucky … the Auto-Cannon armed one only immobilized a Rhino and the Lascannon armed one had a Blood Rage at a pretty opportune moment and charged an enemy unit that wasn’t able to rip it a new one!

Things I learnt from the game:

  • Play to the mission – I got lucky on this one, having an entire turn all to myself. I rushed two units of Plague Marines in their Rhino directly towards Brad’s objective. I kept two units plus the Dreadnoughts on my objective. The Daemon Prince ran up with the Rhinos to bolster any close combat that came my way.
  • Flamers are awesome – dropping Obliterators close enough to fire twin-linked flamers can be devastating. Even against heavily armored troops there should be more than average casualties, particularly if they are hiding in cover. However, without the Chaos equivalent of teleport homers, you are taking your chances bring them down.
  • Flamers of Tzeentch SUCK!
  • I am still getting my head around vehicle rules – This represents the first army I have ever played that has such a heavy reliance on mechanized transports. It’s a work in progress.
  • Warptime – Don’t leave home without it. I am still forgetting that I can activate Warptime in both my turn and my opponent’s turn. The little printed card I am using helps. Re-roll missed hits and wounds is priceless once the Daemon Prince gets into combat.

Other shots:

Shot by Tzeentch Horrors, eighteen or so, in fact. Two wounds taken!

The rest of what was going on; picture here, one soon to be dead Daemon Prince … five 4+ invulnerable saves … FAILED!

These suddenly appeared from nowhere to rip apart a Rhino that I totally forgot to move one turn!

Guarding the objective. A Dreadnought that would later fire it’s twin linked Auto cannons into the Rhino and immobilse it. Great!

This is what happens when you forget to move your Rhinos!

Welcome to the tar pit. Nine horrors, invulnerable saves and I have to spend three turns munching through them.

Three Flamers of Tzeentch? I’m sorry, they do WHAT?!

Is THAT all you’ve got?! (Yes, he died horribly, but the picture leads you to believe him awesomely heroic)

Playing Warhammer with a mate is supposed to be fun. I was trialling my tournament army and Brad brought his to the table. It was a brilliant game in a relaxed atmosphere against an awesome opponent who really knows his stuff.

I am definitely getting my head around what the Plague Marines can do when mechanized; I am happy with the build (the Dreadnoughts add a bit of fun to the army, from my point of view). In short, brig on Kill Count in July! Here comes the PAIN TRAIN!! WHOOOO!!

I managed to squeeze out a draw, and am looking forward to our next game.

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