The X-Wing Miniatures Game (It’s about time!)

I have finally picked up a copy of the X-Wing Miniatures Game and been able to have a game or two. This article is in two parts; the unboxing with my ten year old son and the game we had, and the second part is the game played with Drew of Back in Drew’s Day fame.

xwing unboxing xwing for kids

Christmas comes but once a year, and so does the availability of discretionary spending funds! This year I visited my FLGS, KayJay’s Games and Hobbies to check out their range of X-Wing Miniatures. Ian maintains great stock levels of X-Wing and I was sorely tempted to go mad with the credit card. In the end I was able to restrain myself and just purchased the main rules box set.

Mister Ten was excited to check out the contents including one X-Wing and two Tie Fighters. This lead to the obvious question, “How come there is only one X-Wing?” I had to tell him the truth; he’s old enough now to hear it …

Stormtroopers can’t shoot for crap!!

Along with the ships are attack and defence dice, quick start rules and the rulebook, all the templates in the world including some cool turning/movement templates and even some cardboard asteroids used for scenery.

There were exclamations of “Cool!” from both of us as we pulled apart the box and had a quick glance through the rules. A couple of the customers at KayJay’s recommended the quick start rules for younger players and I found it really helped with the game later against more experienced players. At least I knew why I was getting shot down …

I won’t go into too many details about that first game. Suffice to say, I LET HIM WIN and he definitely didn’t hand me my ass on a plate.

x-wing miniatures game play

This is the only action shot I managed to get from the Drew games. He and Greg (another Hampton-ite) battled out a one hundred point game. Drew’s dice rolling was terrible and (thankfully) it was a recurring theme in my game against him.

Our game was one hundred points of ships and upgrades. Surprisingly, once you take upgrades and stuff, there are only three or four ships per side to fight it out. The game mechanics are pretty simple, players move and shoot in order of experience of their pilots. More experienced pilot move last, but shoot first. They’re better able to manoeuvre their ships into prime firing position to blast the rookies into atoms.

My fleet contained a Z95, the classic X-Wing fighter and the Millennium Falcon piloted by none other than Han Solo! As the more experienced pilot, Han Solo was the last ship to move. As the most experienced pilot, Han. shoots. first. End of story.

The game started with me screaming my Z95 and X-wing towards my Imperial opponent. I moved the Falcon around to flank on the left side expecting both of my rookie fighter to get turned into dog food by the approaching Tie Fighter stealth machines. Tie Fighter Advanced (from memory) ships, have a stealth field. Who knew?

I greatly underestimated my beginner’s luck and while my Z95 kept colliding with things, both mobile and immobile, the Rookie X-Wing pilot was out to prove he should be instantly elevated to Jedi status. It was amazing! He couldn’t miss nor could he be hurt. Truly the Force was strong with him that day.

Instead of taking the expected pounding, the Rebel fleet was able to hand out an old fashioned whooping to the Imperials. By the time the Falcon had moved into an attack position there was only a couple of heavily damaged ships left to finish off.

For those interested in checking out the X-Wing Miniatures Games, Fantasy Flight Games have this awesome primer on Youtube that covers the basics really well.

Also, Wil Wheaton, a giant nerd who has a show on Youtube, did a segment on the game and it’s another helpful demonstration of the game mechanics. To quote Wil, “HAN SOLO ALWAYS SHOOTS FIRST!” Damn straight!

The X-Wing Miniatures Game should be available at all FLGS-es. It is a quick and enjoyable game with a great mechanic and can even be played by your ten year old son, who will beat the snot out of you.

I highly recommend the game and give it four death sticks out of five.