Ratboy Reviews – Dark Age Outcast Mongo

I’ve been watching Dark Age games for a while now. The game background is based on Brom’s artwork; apoco-futuristic.

A couple of months ago (just shortly after my shoulder injury and before the big house move) I purchased a heap of Dark Age stuff off coolminiornot in a fit of economic over exuberance, including the rule book.

Mongo of the Outcast faction really grabbed me as an awesome looking figure and didn’t disappoint in real life.

dark age outcast mongo dark age outcast mongo unboxed dark age outcast mongo weapons

One thing that I really liked about this figure, as can be seen above, is that it’s cast from resin and the model is as crisp and clean as one could ask for. There is minimal clean up involved, but attaching the arms may require a bit of filling. This is not hugely surprising for most multi part models, anyway.

The detail on the arms is great too. Mongo has two massive blocks of concrete tied on. For a bloody big mutant from the Wastelands, what more could one ask for?!

I’m really looking forward to getting to work on this one.

And now, of course, I need to find an opponent too!