Realm of Legends closing down

Really, really bad news today! Realm of Legends my F-not-so-L-G-S (it’s a forty five minute drive away!) is shutting down. It’s their fault I started buying Bushido miniatures, bought a Warhammer Chaos army and countless other bits and pieces. Both Ross and Maria were friendly and knowledgeable about their stock and their customers. Realm of Legends was also one of the biggest venues for tournaments in the Southern hemisphere with fifty tables and terrain permanently setup for play.

They will certainly be missed by many of the Melbourne gaming scene!

It is with sad hearts that Ross & I along with our treasured staff announce the closing of Realm of Legends.

Sunday the 15th of April will be the last trading day for Realm of Legends.

The last 3.5 years has been an amazing rollercoaster ride. It’s been a huge struggle at times, running a Bricks & Mortar store through the Global Financial Crisis, which has also seen the rise of online only businesses operating with lower overheads. And yet at other times we have been able to see the fantastic support offered to us by some members of the community. To look out across our shop and see 100+ people having an absolute blast has been among our highlights.

We have met some wonderful people through running Realm of Legends, you guys know who you are, and you have made Realm of Legends a community, a family really. Be assured we will still be around.

We apologise to those that have made it their 2nd home and to those who had yet to become part of the RoL community.

For tournaments that are booked in at the store we are working with the TO’s to either help find them a new venue or organise refunds to players that have signed up

We will have more information on our website after Tuesday.

Maria & Ross Armstrong

To them and their family, I wish them all the very best in whatever they choose to do next!

On another note, patronize your FLGS. It can’t be easy having a bricks and mortar store in the modern age. Places like Realm of Legends and the facilities they provide allow us to play the toy soldiers we know and love. Their prices can’t compete with the internet, as such, but the community and the environment and the atmosphere they provide more than makes up for it.