Rising from the ashes; Realm of Legends re-opens!

Awesome news! Realm of Legends have risen from the ashes!

Feeling HAPPY! We have a new lease in Croydon! In the hope that I don’t jinx it… We have received the lease, paid our deposit, and just waiting final confirmation of everything. At this stage looks like we get the keys Friday, opening our doors Saturday 23rd at 10am. Come on down and visit this weekend, we’ll have the July White Dwarf & be taking pre-orders for the end of June fantastic new releases due out from GW. No phone number at this stage, we’ll let you all know when we get one.
New address is 56 Main Street, Croydon. It’s the old Habby shop (up near the Food Works Supermarket). We’ll have 6 gaming tables, 6 MTG tables, a Roleplay table & some cafe tables. Maria & Ross Armstrong

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This is brilliant news! After Realm of Legends’ shutdown earlier this year, the decent gaming retail stores became sorely limited. The only downside? Only six tables. A smaller premises will obviously dictate the available space for gaming so initially, Realm of Legends won’t be the tournament hotspot that it was previously. However, time will tell what Ross and Maria have in mind.

Congratulations to the Realm of Legends family; it’s such great news to see them rise from the ashes.