Rumble In the Bronx – Results

Rumble In the Bronx is a Warhammer tournament run down in Geelong (about an hour out of Melbourne), Australia, and not as the name suggest in the Bronx. Curiously named, but has attracted quite a following in the last few years.

The basic details are:

General Tournament Layout
Points: 2,000
Games: 6 x 6 turn games (may vary depending on the scenario).
Game Length: 2.5 hours per game – on the call of 20 minutes remaining, the last turn should be played and the game will end.
List Selection: No Lord options can be selected in the usual Rumble in the Bronx fashion. Note that only the usual 25% of points can be spent on Hero choices. Named characters are not allowed. In addition, the restrictions on heroes being the general is lifted, eg, Ogre Butches, Wight Kings, Liche Priests and any other hero can be the armies general. The model who is the leader of the army must be nominated before each battle and made clear to your opponent. Note that the BSB can still NOT be the general. Else, the usual list composition rules apply.

The rest of the rules are here:

The results are posted here in full.

First Overall: Ben Leopold
Second Overall: Chris Cousens
Third Overall: Peter Korteman

Best General: Wayne Pollard
Best Newcomer: Tobie Wicks
Best Sports: Phil Haintz
Worst Dice: Danny Symons
Lucky Door Prizes: Mark Skilton and Brendan Slade

Best Painted: Steve Herbert
Second Best Painted: Tobie Wicks
Third Best Painted: Dom Holloway
Best New Army: Peter Korteman