Today I Painted – Boyar Champion

On Sunday at Realm of Legends, it was a pleasant surprise to find the great guys and gals from ozpainters. With that sort of guidance how can one not be inspired.

Scibor Miniatures have produced a huge line of excellent quality miniatures, particularly Dwarfs.

Moscals are depraved cousins of dwarfs. They dwell in east plains of chaos with capital city Elblagaard.

Scibor Miniatures have the interesting distinction of being wholly produced from resin. There are a couple of problems with resin; particularly it’s hard to convert or modify. That aside, the Boyar was really well cast and required a minimum of cleaning up. The other good thing about the Boyar is that it ships with a really well detailed base as well.

It took longer than just the Sunday to complete and the base still needs to be finished, but the Boyar Champion is finished and I’m particularly happy with the skin on this one:

Boyar Champion

  1. After undercoating the miniature in Black, the skin areas were painted in Scorched Brown.
  2. Start mixing in a small amount of Dwarf Flesh and cover almost all the Scorched Brown.
  3. Add more Dwarf Flesh to the mix and highlight progressive smaller areas.
  4. By the third stage highlight, start focusing lighter shades on areas like the forehead and knuckles on the hands.

Devlan Mud saved me on the cloak!

It started with Catachan Green and then progressively highlight with Rotting Flesh. Once this is complete, Devlan Mud to the rescue to smooth the highlights over.