Sedition Wars cures gamer of Kickstarter

++++ 18 Sept 2012 – EXCITING UPDATES AT THE BOTTOM ++++

The Sedition Wars Kickstarter was pretty successful raising $951,254 of their $20,000 goal. That’s a pretty big overshot.

I guess the celebrity associated with Mike McVey’s Studio McVey may have something to do with it. That and some pretty serious social marketing done on the part of CoolMiniOrNot. There is no doubting the quality of the models advertised as part of the Kickstarter and the game design and production seems to be well thought out.

Yours truly was a backer and dumped $100 into the Biohazard level which entitled me to:
Sedition Wars Biohazard
The Biohazard Pledge level entitles the buyer to:

  • A copy of the boxed game
  • a signed print of the cover art
  • a special edition Kara in resin
  • a sexy Vanguard patch!

On top of all that, a number of Stretch Goals (made available when certain amounts of money had been pledged) were made available;

  • Each Biohazard level and above pledge gets an additional squad of 12 vanguard troopers thrown in for free
  • A horrific alternate sculpt of a Phase 1 Strain model
  • Every Biohazard set gets this additional pack of twelve additional Strain models
  • Everyone gets a great downloadable campaign that will make use of all the additional figures released for the Biohazard set!
  • Every Biohazard set gets a 6 custom Sedition Wars dice! 3 sexy Vanguard dice and 3 Strain dice
  • Each Biohazard set will get FOUR extra Phase 3 Strain models, 2 each of the Scythe Witch and Brimstone
  • Mike and Ali will put together a short painting tutorial to get your Battle for Alabaster miniature windfall into decent shape! Every Biohazard set will receive a DVD (region free) with a short tutorial specifically for this Kickstarter.
  • Every Biohazard set gets another Drone.
  • Every Biohazard set gets a sweet additional Grendlr, tentacles and all!
  • Every Biohazard set will get another Cthonian model free, as well as a stats card to play the model as a Construct Assault Drone, slaved to the Cthonian
  • Every Biohazard set will get a set of 6 baby drones free
  • Every Biohazard set gets 6 of these skittering horrors
  • Every Biohazard set will have Keegan lurking within
  • Every Biohazard set gets Iron Lily
  • Every Biohazard set gets the battle damaged version of this deadly cyborg if we hit this stretch
  • Every Biohazard set gets Morgan all suited up
  • Every Biohazard set gets Gnosis armored Kara free

Now, the ESTMATED delivery date is March 2013, come September 2013 and there are still models undelivered. I can appreciate production problems that might arise on such a large undertaking; small companies, like Coolminiornot, on Kickstarter may be a lot more successful than their limited company infrastructure can deal with.

What I don’t like is the total lack of communication coming out of Coolminiornot, having raised a number of requests for clarification.

You get used to the tyranny of geography, being in Australia. However, the total lack of respone and all the missing models that are supposed to be included in the Biohazard pledge level SIX months after the pledge makes me question the Sedition Wars product, Coolminiornot and quite seriously want to ask for a refund.

On the plus side, Sedition Wars (and Coolminornot) has cured me of Kickstarter. I just wanted some cool looking toy soldiers to play with.

REF: Studio McVey and CoolMiniOrNot

++++ 18 Sept 2012 – UPDATE ++++
When I got home from work this evening, there was a package awaiting me.
“What, ho?” says I.
“For sooth, gentle knave,” replied my wife, “t’would seem to be from the States United!” *

Imagine my surprise when I opened it to find … stuff. I use the description “stuff” because there was no packing list, therefore, I can only hazard a guess as to what the models included actually are. I kind of wish I was still waiting for delivery of the box, the quality and casting of the miniatures is green-army-man-quality. It definitely nothing like the promo stuff, and really disappointing considering the “talented” McVey Studios Sedition Wars originated from.

I’m not na├»ve enough to believe everything that I read. However, I’m also not foolish enough to blow my hard earned on something that I don’t think will be of decent quality.

As there is no packing list, there’s also no way to verify what I have received against what is outstanding. There are definitely no dice, no patch and no signed print. There was however a Painting DVD. So that’s a start.

There were also a couple of models that I looked at and had NO idea where they fit into the Biohazard pledge level. Is this an attempt to make up for appalling delivery schedules and obviously poor quality figures? At this point I don’t care; I just would like what I paid for and be done with the whole thing.

The whole experience has really disappointed me. It has certainly cured me of Kickstarter! In future, I will be very cautious about going anywhere near Coolminiornot products, and, regrettably, Studio McVey.

* We don’t actually talk like that; sometimes one feels the need to wax lyrical.