Warhammer army for sale – Wood Elves


There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to just admit that he has too many toy soldiers!

To that end we have part one of what I’d like to call, the “I-have-too-many-toy-soldiers” sale. (Wargamer AU)

Or, the missus has decided this stuff takes up too much space.

What we have on offer is:

  • Wood Elf Lord with Sword
  • Wood Elf Lord on Horse (Spear)
  • Wood Elf Lord on Great Stag
  • Female Spellweaver
  • Male Spellweaver
  • Two Standard bearers (BSB)
  • One Wardancer (Limited edition leaping guy)
  • Two Eagles
  • One Kit bashed tree kin
  • Four Eternal Guard (don’t ask!!)
  • Seven Waywatchers
  • Thirty Dryads (enough bits for MAYBE ten more)
  • Thirty Gladeguard (enough bits for probably twenty more including standards, musicians and heroes)
  • Ten Glade riders in various states of disrepair (including full command)
  • Six Treekin (three painted but strippable)
  • One Ultraforge Treeman

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO army list included (lonehunter would kill me. Really. He’s pretty scary despite his “cuddly”nome de plume).

Some of the models are undercoated and have the start of the paint scheme, but could be easily painted over.

All this and various bits and pieces shipped anywhere for AU$350 register your interest at thegoldend6 [at] gmail dot com.

Awww … c’mon … help a platicrack addict out, maaaaaan; I needs the ratzorz, yo!