Sisters of Battle at Arc40K – Cam Davidson

In the first interview with Sisters Of Battle players at Ark40K, we saw Rick Elliss employ Vendettas and Imperial Guard to bolster the lines of the valiant Sisters. Cam Davidson is our second Sisters of Battle player interview.
Like many Sisters of Battle players, Cam has been a devotee for a long time. If memory serves he has been playing Sisters of Battle for at least two, if not more, editions of Warhammer 40000. Also, in a recurring theme amongst Sisters of Battle players, he is employing allies to add more flavour to the list. In Cam’s case, it was a red hot tamale added to the mix!

Cam’s background story to his army follows:

Inquisitor Lord Karamazov stood quietly amidst the field of burning stakes, heretical corpses filling the air with an acrid smoke. Their crime had been the most dire, turning away from the worship of the beneficent Emperor of all mankind and placing their faith in an idol of adamantine and plasteel.
He knew what it was that the heretics worshiped as a god and his first instinct was to destroy it and leave it as a warning to those who sought comfort in false idols but he was nothing if not pragmatic and knowing what lay before him gave him pause for thought. The idea of one of the so-called Noble Houses owing him a favour appealed to him on many levels and favours were the life blood of an Inquisitor.
The repayment of one such favour had enabled him to quash this heresy with greater than usual efficiency. The Order of the Cerulean Rose was assigned to his command because of debts owed but now Karamazov had found an associate whose zeal matched his own. All Orders of the Adeptus Soritas were loyal servants, but Canoness Valeria and her order gave him unquestioning loyalty as well as a willingness to purge heresy no matter where it lay.
Karamazov turned his attention to the Tech-Adept approaching him nervously. The Tech-Adept was one of several whose duty it was to maintain the Throne of Judgment and rarely if ever approached him let alone spoke to him. Karamazov waited several seconds for the Tech-Adept to gain the courage to find his voice.
“Yes, what is it” snapped Karamazov impatiently.
“My Lord, I’m sorry to bother you in your contemplations but something has arisen with the Throne.”
Karamazov raised an eyebrow in both anger and curiosity.
“Remember when you were gifted the Throne my Lord,” stammered the Tech-Adept, “You were told that many of the older machine spirits lay dormant, possibly even dead.”
“Yes, I said as long as it served my needs, I didn’t care”
“Yes my Lord, but it seems they have awoken.”
Karamazov’s eyebrow rose further, to which the Tech-Adept took it as a sign to continue.
“Furthermore my Lord, the machine spirits seem to be talking”
“Talking to whom?”
“That my Lord,” said the Tech-Adept gesturing to the giant machine that had been the beneficiary of the heretics worship, “and it seems to be answering back!”
The Inquisitor Lord turned back and rested his gaze upon the silent, broken Imperial Knight that stood before him. “Well that is interesting” he mused, “very interesting indeed.”

Forces Deployed By Inquisitor Lord Karamazov during the “Time of Change” Purges 965.M41

  • Lord Inquisitor Karamazov’s “Ultimus Judicio” – Modified Knight Errant(370pts)
  • Canoness Valeria of the Order of the Cerulean Rose – Canoness(65),Power Sword(15pts), Rosarius(15pts), Bolt Pistol(0pts) – WARLORD
  • Squad Eligentur with Rhino “Promptus Pectis” led by Veteran Sister Superior Agatha
    Battle Sister Squad(60pts),+5 Battle Sisters(60pts), 2 Flamers(2×5=10pts), Simulcrum Imperialis(10pts), Veteran Sister Superior Upgrade(10pts), Chainsword(0pts), Plasma Pistol(15pts),Rhino(40pts), Extra Armor(10pts)
  • Squad Purgatio with Rhino “Pugnax Pectis” led by Veteran Sister Superior Meghan
    Battle Sister Squad(60pts),+5 Battle Sisters(60pts), 2 Meltaguns(2×10=20pts), Simulcrum Imperialis(10pts), Veteran Sister Superior Upgrade(10pts), Chainsword(0pts), Plasma Pistol(15pts), Rhino(40pts), Extra Armor(10pts)
  • Squad Incendens with Immolator “Igneus Pectis ” led by Veteran Sister Superior Caitlyn – Battle Sister Squad(60pts),Flamer(5pts), Heavy Flamer(10pts), Simulcrum Imperialis(10pts), Veteran Sister Superior Upgrade(10pts), TL Heavy Flamer(0pts), CombiFlamer(10pts), Immolator(60pts), Extra Armor(10pts)
  • Exorcist “Malleus Tonitrui” – Exorcist(125pts),Extra Armor(10pts)
  • Exorcist “Deiusta Vindicta” – Exorcist(125pts),Extra Armor(10pts)

sisters of battle imperial knight allies

Cam’s choices were largely based on personal preference, choosing models due to their “cool factor”, particularly his converted Imperial Knight into a new Throne of Judgement for Inquisitor Lord Karamazov. Cam’s expectations weren’t huge with his build and his final placing of 128th out of 134 players was far from stellar, but as he says, “still felt like I had a great time. Interested in seeing my scores but it certainly sounds like I got hammered on both comp and sports because of the Imperial Knight”.

Rocking a Knight in 1350 points wouldn’t make you many friends. Arc40K has a history of being an enjoyable, low stress tournament that brings out the hobby fiend in people too. A converted Knight into a Throne of Judgement being a prime example.

Cam finished Arc40K badly placed, but after six games he finished with one win, four draws and two losses. He took special pride in never getting tabled (a personal best) by an opponent. One of the points that he stressed was the careful use of Acts of Faith that are only usable once per game. However, “the Simulcram Imperialis was invaluable as this enabled me to use two acts of faith per unit per game”.

At this point, we must remember that our Sisters now only have Acts of Faith that are usable once per game per unit. Therefore, anything that increase our chances of using them (or using them twice) becomes a huge bonus!

His breakdown of the six games follows:

  • Game 1 – Lloyd Rutherford, an Ork player and though I was able get first blood the green tide just rolled over me with the Knight getting power-klawed to death – 18-6 loss.
  • Game 2 – Keith Birkett(who had come down from Queensland with his brother) with a chaos daemons list. The amount of book keeping CD players have to do is mind boggling especially during the pre-game phase. Anyway managed to hold out for a draw – 13-12 his way.
  • Game 3 – Matt Morosoli’s Necrons. This time I knew this would be a difficult game because of the two croissants that he fielded as well as the amount of glancing hits that could be thrown out. Sure enough this was the case with the Knight going down in the third round and everything else being neatly wrapped up by the 5th 20-5 loss.

A grey and overcast Sunday morning dawned; he was still feeling pretty good on the second day. Could it be a portent of things to come for his opponents?

  • Game 4Ian Arentz and his Pre Heresy Ultramarines. A game of chicken ensued as we both hid from the others more powerful units and a draw was the final outcome.
  • Game 5 – I was drawn against another Daemon army played by Sean McKay(?). After another 10 minutes of bookkeeping play started and a hard fought draw was the final outcome in the 5th turn with my Knight managing to cause his plague bearers to fail an instability test to capture the objective I needed for the draw and a lucky roll to end the game – 14-12 his way.
  • Game 6 – Andrew Stazzeri’s Space Marines in a simple kill points mission. After much carnage(and no small amount of luck – His Ven Dread failed not one, nor two but three plasma cannon rolls in a row, two of witched removed hull points) I ended up with 7KP’s to his 6 and walked away with an 18-7 win.

Yet again, mixed results for the perennial mid-carders of the 40K universe. Players are still choosing Sister of Battle armies as they remain a stuch reminder of the part the Ecclesiarchy has to play in the canon of the universe (there may well have been a pun in there; I tend to be pretty dogmatic with them.)

Inclusion of the Knight as well as two Exorcists would have lead to some pretty heavy firepower at range coming for the Sisters of Battle. The cost of so much ranged firewall would have been at the expense of mid-range assault forces which is where the Sisters of Battle really excel.

However, it’s hard to go past an Imperial Knight being used as Karamazov’s Throne of Judgment. Five burning heretics out of five to that man. Erm …