Sisters of Battle UNITE!

It looks like the Sisters of Battle are NOT going the way of the Squats (devoured by the Tyranid Hive Fleet) after all. Rumours are starting to circulate that the Sisters of Battle will get a proper codex and not just a couple of articles in the White Dwarf!

I’ve been a Sisters Of Battle tragic from waaaaay back. My first experience with Sisters of Battle was the original army box set …

So this news really warms my heretic purging heart.


One of the Dakkadakka members, Damius, received a response from Games Workshop regarding the current version of the Sisters Of Battle codex and also any upcoming new releases.

Thank you for writing into us. We have asked that the rules for the Sisters of Battle be put on the Games Workshop website but I don’t know when or if they will be put on the website and for that I apologize. While the Sisters of Battle will no doubt get an update of their codex and miniatures at some point in the future, at this time we don’t know when this will be. However, please keep the faith that they haven’t been forgotten about and their time will come one day! Should you have any other questions please give us a call and we will work to get you helped out.

Sorry we couldn’t be any more help than this.

One could take heart from the response as a promise to give us new rules and models at some point in the future. The more cynical of us would say that it’s a stock answer used to placate weirdos playing an army that no one is interested in.

I prefer option A!

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel for long suffering Sisters players with news coming out of the ” Enter The Citadel” event recently.

SISTERS OF BATTLE/BLACK TEMPLARS will get attention and are not in line to be dropped at this time. I spoke to Jervis Johnson and asked him myself and he said “Every army is getting worked on and will be updated in time.” But obviously in true GW fashion he couldn’t say when or if it would be via codex or supp. Personally I believe codices will be used when I consider what a supplement is for, but that’s just me.

Based on this, I choose at this point to resurrect my “Sisters for Sixth” campaign so that I can say I was on the bandwagon before there was a bandwagon!

Say it with me, “Sisters for Sixth!”

The ever reliable Faeit 212

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