Something green this way comes – A Tale of a Malifool pt.1

Having been bitten by the Malifaux bug a number of weeks ago, I finally got around to a game or three to get a feel for the game mechanics.

Final decision is that Malifaux is a pretty simple game; replacing dice with cards is brilliant, but like all things simple, it’s going to be a bugger to master!

So, on top of my Resurrectionists, I have fallen for Outcasts. I have ventured into the bayous and the swamps to come up with:


But, better than that, Deliverance style Gremlins: pigs and all! Now Ophelia and her crew come to thirty points (including Ophelia). Som’er Teeth Jones, the Gremlin Master pretty much means that everyone in the Crew has to be a Gremlin. Normal Bayou Gremlins are two points each. Historically, I have played Goblins in Bloodbowl, so I think I can put two and two together and come up with a fair idea of the general lack of awesome around the Gremlin Crew. However, there are a lot of exploding guns and potential for mayhem, so if I’m going down, I should at least take a couple with me!

I hate to admit it, but I was really sold on the two characters, Som’er Teeth Jones and Ophelia. It’s usually these things that are my undoing. Time will tell.

My starting crew (30 soul stones) will contain:

  • Som’er Teeth Jones
  • Ophelia LaCroix (8)
  • Warpig (8) – like I could resist!
  • Rami LaCroix (6) – Gremlin sniper
  • Raphael LaCroix (6) – has a Big Honkin’ Gun
  • Bayou Gremlin (2)

Waiting to be subbed in are:

  • Francois LaCroix (5) – Gremlin duelist
  • Pere Ravagé (5)
  • Three Bayou Gremlins (2 ea.)

There is something really appealing about an all pig list ie. all Warpigs and piglets. I think it would be good to get a few more games under my belt before I make such a big decision!

The last word comes from Castigo (who ran me through the basic mechanics) over on WargamerAU regarding transports for the new toys:

Ooooh tres excited today (no pun intended) as my Minisoft medium tray pack arrived in the post today, also had a few demo games against Ratboys Resurrectionists to show him how the game works, had heaps of fun.

Now the other night when i was at Karl”s place (KTS on WAU) he came up with an awesome idea to store all your Malifaux goodies in one of these cases so heaps awesome idea cheers mate i had to shamefully plagiarize it for my collection.

On the way home today stopped at Bunnings and picked up one of those cases for around 30 bucks so here’s the two things purchased today:

Now here’s how i customized one of the medium trays to fit my books (that’s the Malifaux rulebook and the Rising powers book!), my 2 decks of cards and my profile cards into one tray:

Love it! All nice n safe n cosy all in one case, so overall plan will be to have the top tray with my Arcanists, second tray with all the Outcast toys and last tray to have all the important stuff ie. rulebooks, cards and profiles. So basically everything i need to play in one case!