Specialist Game – Man O War

We all remember the hype and excitement around the “secret” re-release of Space Hulk. Games Workshop did a limited release run of the classic Space Marines vs. Genestealers game that, from all accounts, was hugely successful.

There are a heap of choices; Blood Bowl, Mordheim, Necromunda, Man O’ War, Warhammer Quest, Battle Fleet Gothic etc.

Rumours have started to circulate that this year’s release will be:

via NatTreeHouse
Man O War in September.
Big box, Space Hulk format £70
Two fleets only, Empire and Vampires
All plastic models including islands
Written by Phil Kelly and Jervis
No other expansions or fleets, compleat game in a box.

Man O’ War was set in the same realm of Warhammer Fantasy as used for the Warhammer Fantasy Battle and included most of the factions from that setting.

And there is the main reason that I don’t think it would be a Black Box release. Only two fleets, Empire and Vampires and no other support? Are you kidding me?! Man O War should be a re-release but supported via Specialist Games with on going releases. If we look at it logically, I have a Warriors of Chaos army and, if the above is true, I’ll buy Man O War why?!

Hopefully the rumour mill is WAY off with this one. In the day, Man O War was an awesome game. I remember fondly my Dark Elf fleet dominating all who stood before me.

Space Hulk made sense as a release as it is a stand alone product. Warhammer Quest to a lesser extent would be a good target. Both Necromunda and Mordheim would be better choices as they are easily supported with existing model ranges, but not Man O War; it’s got so much more potential than that.