#Squaduary – A timeline I can stick to.

I can already hear you ask, “What is #Squaduary?”

I’m glad you asked. #Squaduary is the brain child of Rory over at Stepping Between Games (http://steppingbetweengames.com/introducing-squadary/).

The aim is to get that box-set you got over all the holidays or the unit you haven’t touched all Winter and get them done. Start the month with an unpainted, or even un-assembled, squad and end the month with a full painted (and hopefully) based unit. Because we all have more squads, teams, crews or units that need painting.

Twenty eight days to paint five figures? I haven’t been this excited since #Dreadtober! There’s a time line that I can stick to.

Possibly some of my more regular readers will wonder why there are Gators in the photo. These are distinctly un-Games Workshop looking! There are a few reasons, one of which is that I haven’t unpacked the Mancave yet and so most of my stuff is still in boxes. I’m also not gaming as much as I used to. Mr. Twelve shows interest every now and again, but my finances cower at the thought of two gamers in the house. Maybe I’ll get him into Blood Bowl or Rogue Stars (well worth the look if you’re a fan of Necromunda) or one of the millions of other skirmish style games that have popped up in the last few years. Less models to paint (me) and less time to play out a game (also me, regrettably).

#Squaduary model painting challenge

I am also experiencing a desperate need to move giant warmachines and monsters around the table and Hordes (particularly) scratched that itch for me. If you have a look at the range, how can one honestly resist a force of alligator men lead by an undead alligator warlord?

So here, right now, in front of the ones and ones of the Spruegrey Nation, I declare that:

I will paint five Gatormen Posse miniatures before the end of #Squaduary.


And some words of wisdom from the hobby machine himself: