#Squaduary – Progress report

#Squaduary progress has been rapid (for me). I’ve got my paint scheme worked out and my test model finished!

squaduary privateer press warmahordes minion gatormen

From bare metal to base coated! After undercoating the unit in black, I blocked out the body with Gretchin Green and the scales on the back are base coated in Rhinox Hide.

Next, I started to work on the unit leader.

Warmahordes Gatormen Posse

After base coating, I started the shading and highlighting process. The scales on the body don’t allow for a lot of work to be done. The shading was done with a couple of layers of Agrax Earthshade. Highlighting was then applied using Gretchin Green on the outward facing scales and Iyanden Darksun on the belly and the inward facing scales. I was going for a “realistic” look to the Gatormen’s skin.

After this was well and truly dried, I added some Bleached Bone to the original colours as two parts original colour to one part Bleached Bone.

Once the skin was all finished it was time to get to work on the armour plates on the back. As the Gatormen are walking aligators, I figured that something a bit outlandish was in order.

Starting wiht the base Rhinox Hide, I began adding Ruby Red in incrementally greater amounts to do the highlights on the armour plates on the back.

Warmahordes Gatormen Posse

Warmahordes Gatormen Posse

I’m pretty happy with the results, the red contrasts well against the green/yellow skin and will also help to identify the specific unit on the table. I’ll have to think of something suitably distinguishing for the next unit of Gatormen! Perhaps reversing the colour scheme?

Finally, because this model is the unit leader, I decided to do glowing eyes on him. I used the same process on my Dreadtober Khorne Dreadnought. It worked better on the larger model than on a smaller one. I need to work on this.

With six days left in #Squaduary, I’ve only got the remaining four Gatormen Posse models to finish. The hard bit, working out the paint scheme, has been done and I just need to get some more hours behind the brush to finish the challenge!

You can see other participants’ progress over on Rory’s blog, Stepping Between Games.