#Squaduary – The Shame

Oh, #Spruegrey Nation how I have failed you! The goal of #Squaduary was to get one unit done. In my case, five models. Just FIVE!!

I pledged to paint five Gatormen.

Things were looking promising as the month progressed:

And it ended up like this:

I finished two completely, and base coated and was ready to start the back scales on the remaining three along with the weapons and detailing. No bases were done.

My efforts were hampered by the Melbourne weather to roast us all. That aside, #Squaduary was a complete success.

Rory from Stepping Between Games did a great job keeping the momentum going all month.


What is cool about events like these is that there’s no winners or losers, just hobbyists from all over the place encouraging each other towards a common goal.

I have seen similar events used to get armies completed unit by unit and it’s a great motivator and just all around enjoyable. It’s easily something to do with some gaming mates or as a club and if the opportunity presents itself, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Bring on #MonsterMarch!!