In Honour of a Good Story

This hobby of ours lends itself to storytelling. From the smallest skirmish wargame to the biggest RPG campaign, there’s a story to be told.

And who doesn’t love comics? As a storytelling medium, they are late 20th-century high art in my book.

Scott Kurtz is an Eisner and Harvey award-winning artist who helped pioneer webcomics with Player vs. Player and I was a huge fan. I even bought one of his t-shirts!

Like all great ideas, Table Titans has a basis in “reality” and tracks the progress of a party of players as they navigate the harsh fantasy realms of Dungeons and Dragons. This has also been popularised by the web show, Critical Role, as well.

The stories are rife with humour from the fantasy genre and, particularly, some of the in-game antics of players when they unavoidably break the “fourth wall”.

table titans first enounters web comic fourth wall broken

There are so many great webcomics out there. Table Titans remains one of my ongoing favourites because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and pokes fun at a game that some of us forget is just a game. The art in Table Titans is not overly complex. However, the simplicity of the art lends it a simple beauty. The dialogue between characters both in-game and out is a great mix of character-driven interaction and players trying to manage their characters through gritty dungeons, tense situations and the sorts of political intrigue that we all kind of love in our Dungeons and Dragons games.

The first story arc, named First Encounter, sees the Table Titans braving the legendary Dungeons and Dragons adventure “Mines of Madness” and reminds us all that Dungeons and Dragons can be played competitively as we are introduced to the Table Titans main rivals for the Winotaur, the Dungeon Dogs.

table titans first enounters web comic dungeon dogs

I regularly binge read entire story arcs and then forget about the comic only to rediscover it months later with a new story arc.

The four volumes (so far) can be read at the following pages.
table titans first enounters web comicTable Titans – Season One (First Encounters)
table titans web comic winter of the iron dwarfTable Titans – Season Two (Winter of the Iron Dwarf)
whisper of dragons table titans web comicTable Titans – Season Three (Whispers of Dragons)
table titans web comic road to embersTable Titans – Season Four (Road to Embers)

I was a huge fan of Player vs. Player and I continue to be a fan of the work in Table Titans.