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Khorne Helbrute – Part 2

Part one of the Khorne Helbrute left me with a couple of questions about how to arm the finished model. This Helbrute is dedicated to the blood god, Khorne, and so I though it would be cool to arm it with two close combat weapons. “Skulls for the Skull Throne!” and so forth.
The Mangonel was the first weapon constructed from a Warhammer Ogre standard along with some guitar wire and other bits and pieces. Once it was attached, it looks like this:
khorne helbrute ccw arm
I had originally intended to use the Blood Angel Librarian dreadnought arm to mount the Mangonel (count as Dreadnought close combat weapon). After trying and trying, I wasn’t be satisfied with the result. Instead, I used a normal dreadnought arm. Years ago, as part of some other mad scheme, I collected about a million small plastic beads and they’re about the right scale to crate ball mounts for the weapons.
khorne helbrute power claw plasticard
In a homage to the now deceased Mr. Huggy (a Khorne dreadnought from years back), I finally decided that the second weapon would be a great, grasping claw. The Blood Angel Librarian arm was only a left hand fit. I made short work of it with a jeweller’s saw and scalpel to remove it from the original arm piece. The claw is made from two pieces of plasticard glued together to create the right thickness for the finished monstrosity.
khorne helbrute claw template plasticard
Having tried something similar with the Kayvaan Shrike conversion, I have learnt that it’s important not just to get it right once, but template the finished product because unless you do, there is no guarantee of getting it right twice (or three times in this case).
khorne helbrute claw assembly
The claw assembly was very fiddly. In order to have the claws spread, the claw had to be cut down and notched in order to fit on the Librarian dreadnought arm. Again, get it right once and then replicate.
After only a little bit of swearing, the final result looks like this:
khorne helbrute finished assembly
At this stage, it has both arms and a vicious, daemonic visage. It still lacks something that screams, “Blood for the blood god!”
I mean, I think it’s big enough and all, but there’s something missing. Any ideas?