The Australasian Team Challenge 2011

There’s a rumbling north of the border!

The Australasian Team Challenge is Australia’s first major attempt at creating a Continental Warhammer 40,000 Tournament for Australia. It has been discussed for many months over on wargamerau with a passing amount of interest. Basically it is a team event for Australian States on a state vs state basis with New Zealand being classed as a state all of its own.

From Wargamerau:

… we’ve borrowed rather heavily from the ETC, so props to them for the effort and organisation they put in to their system.

Dates / timing:
After consulting with TO’s from several tournaments around the Aus / NZ region, it looks like early may would be a good time to hold this event as it’s reasonably free of any other tournaments. Depending on how organised we are, this may not happen in 2011 (i.e. it will happen alter in the year in 2011), but will happen from 2012 onwards.

We are looking at teams of 8. If enough regions can only get 6 players involved, we will look into dropping the team count.

Army lists:
Will consist of a single standard force organisation chart. Lists are to be 1750 points. No more. Submission of lists will be due 3 weeks before the event and published publicly 2 weeks before the event.

There will be no composition score like the usual tournaments in Australia. As such, players are allowed to field whatever lists they would like, so long as it’s legal and within the points limit.

No two players in a team may use the same codex.

All armies present are required to be fully painted. No exceptions. This means bases painted and a three colour minimum in an appropriate scheme. All models must also be wysiwyg.

There will be 5 rounds.

Captains Dice off.
The losing captain picks two of their own lists.
The winning captain picks one of their lists to face off against either ot the two lists chosen.
The process is alternated between teams until all members are paired off.”

Note, captains are allowed to confer with their team when making the selections.

There will be 20 minutes allocated for this portion of each round. Games will last 2 1/2 hours.

Each game will be a mission straight from the rulebook.

Players will receive 15 points for winning, 10 points for a draw and 5 points for a loss.

Bonus / Penalty points will be awarded for a difference in Victory Points between players. Only one modifier can be applied, so use the one of greatest value that applies.

The bonus goes to the player with the most victory points and the penalty to the player with the least.

+5/-5 – difference of over 1500
+4/-4 – difference of up to 1250
+3/-3 difference of up to 1000
+2/-2 – difference of up to 700
+1/-1 – difference of up to 400
+/- 0 – difference of up to 175

This give each player a potential score of 0 to 20.

After each team has finished its games, the totals are added up.
If a team scores 51+ points, it gets 2 event points
If a team scores 31 – 50 points, it gets 1 event point
If a team scores 30 or fewer points, it will get 0 event points.

After the end of the 5 rounds, the team on the most event points wins. In the event of tied points, count back will be based on the player points scored each round.

All players will be expected to conduct themselves in a polite and civil manner. Should players behave in a manner that is deemed unsuitable, they will be issued with a yellow card and a penalty which will be up to the judge’s discretion from 0 to 20 points.

If a player receives multiple yellow cards in one round, they will forfeit the round as below.

If the incident is particularly bad, the player in question will forfeit their match for a 20 – 0 result in favour of their opponent and will be required to leave the venue for the remainder of the round.

Should a player be required to leave the venue twice over the weekend, they will forfeit all their remaining games and asked not to return to the event in the following year.

The event will need quite a few people who are willing to volunteer their time to help act as officials / judges. Judges will be compensated for travel / food costs as much as possible within the event’s budget.

Prizes / awards:
The top three placing teams will receive a medallion relative to the position they achieve (i.e. gold medallions for the team that places first, silver for second and bronze for last).

Current plans are to award each participant with a commemorative certificate of participation.

A medallion / trophy will be awarded to the team with the best painted armies at the event.

There will be a perpetual trophy, to be held by the organising committee, which will have the winning team’s name placed on it after the event.

There will be no prizes of monetary value awarded.