The Crookback Boogers – Season’s End

In events that have shaken the Blood Bowl world to it’s very core, the DABBLE league’s most devestating force has been relegated.

Due to numerous bad calls by referees, blatent cheating by opponents and goblin-descriminatory polices (not allowing them to play sixteen players on the pitch) the fan favourite Crookback Boogers are facing expulsion from the DABBLE league after a fairly lack lustre performance.

Fans need no fear as highlight reels abound with Flying Linguini Specials and Blue Meanie Surprises as the Boogers offensive line FINALLY figured out how to throw a team mate and in one beautiful, shining moment, totally devestated Da Booma Ranga’z (now in finals contention)

In one parting shot, the Greencheese Packers’ own star Ratt (the unkillable rodent) was massacred at the hands of the Boogers in the dying stages of the Boogers’ swan song game.

Boogers’ managment is quoted as saying, “Next season the minor leagues will be devestated by the most devestating goblin team ever to take the Blood Bowl field!”

Fans the old World over are in mourning at their passing, but the team owners have high hopes for this most promising franchise.