The Crookback Boogers vs. Unknown Ork Team

I love this game!!

Harken ye now, sports fans to the tale of the Crookback Boogers domination of the DABBLE!!

The afternoon was hot, the wind frustratingly doing nothing to alleviate the discomfort. Perfect weather for Blood Bowl! The mighty Crookback Boogers took the field against an Unknown Ork team.

Clearly this demonstration game was going to present no REAL challenge to the Crookback Boogers. In this preseason game, the Boogers decided to play their ‘B’ team. It was a great chance to get some new players blooded. Lining up against the Boogers were three Black Orks of impressive and frightening ability, four blitzers, four linemen and a traitorous gobbo (widely rumoured to be a reject of the Boogers last recruitment drive!!).

Lining up against this small, but strong team, the Crookback Boogers: Krump and Frump da Ogres, and da Boyz, the Blue Meanie, Stinky Garek and the Flying Linguini amonst the starting line up.

The Crookback Boogers eventually decided to receive the first kick-off of the game. Clearly the Boogers would have an uphill battle againt this foe; even the linemen were stronger than even their strongest player: with the exception of Krump and Frump who threw Orks around like rag-dolls.

However, the Boogers always have an element that no-one expects: we cheat! Very few of the competitions were man-on-man, out numbering oppoents two or three to one in blocks and blitzes! Regrettably, the astro granite and our ability to lay down the smack were impeded by the Orks strong armour. Possibly, their armour was not regulation and the Boogers plan to get the League Commissioners to investigate claims of illeagally strong armour.

Certainly, the Boogers own REGULATION armour managed to hold up on numerous occassions. At the end of the first turn, both Krump and Frump survived without getting knocked off their feet and only three valiant goblins had been knocked out and were able to retake the field for the second half.

The second half continued to be a back and forth affair until Krump was knocked off his feet and had to be hospitalised for the duration. Thankfully, the Boogers buy great apothecaries and Krump made a full recovery and will take the field next game.

In two daring attempts, Frump picked up the Flying Linguini and endeavoured to launch him into the end zone.

The first attempt was thwarted by Frump forgetting what he was supposed to do leaving the Flying Linguini at the non-existant mercies of the Ork team.

The second time, the Flying Linguini flew gracefully through the air only to land very badly, his armour holding out, but the ball scattered from his grip.

So, a hard fought battle against the Crookback Boogers’ reserve team resulted in a 2-0 defeat to the fan favourite Boogers.