Look here for the rules of the league and when it starts!

The DABBLE league will commence on 15th April 2008!! Due to fans threating to tear the place apart it has been moved forward.

It will be run by the rules from the rule book, so players will get skills and traits and die, you can hire wizards, coach’s cheerleaders and such, but you must have them modeled (each team must show signs of progression every week! The list of players and their teams
Dave: Slobby Don’s Puking Pus Buckets : Nurgle Chaos
Adam: Crookback Boogers: Goblins
Tim: MDP Rangers: Dwarfs (Mad Dog Pass Rangers)
Sam: The Greencheese Packers: Skaven
Al: Dark Star Drifters : Dark Elves
Connor: Da Booma Ranga’z : Orcs
Mikey : Team Snoo Snoo : Amazons

We will score it like World Football, 3 points a win, 1 a draw and 0 for a loss. I will have a book here that will record all games so we know how everything has panned out, now honesty is going to be a major thing for this to run successfully and I’m hoping I can rely on you all.

After the games have been run and won we will have the top 4 play off, with player 1st vs 2nd, 3rd v 4th The winner of 1st v 2nd goes straight to the final, loser of that game plays winner of 3rd v 4th, only the first final can be used to gain skills and traits, and the winner will keep the same $$$ they had from that game, but they can lose players, just tough luck for not being the best 🙂

Now the player who comes last is relegated and MUST retire that team, he can play the next season but it MUST be with a new team. Also if you want to hire a apothecary, wizard, cheerleader etc etc, get the models or convert them, models must be present or else you have just wasted your money.

A fine of 10,000 will be issued if you come 2 times in a row with no paint added to your mini’s and the fines go up for 2nd 3rd offenders, we want to see these painted and hopefully by season’s end all will have the basic guys for their team painted. Now guys let me know if you want to join, you must be fully committed to the whole season otherwise you will screw up the whole thing. More will be added as time goes by.

You can now track the status of your team too!

Gentlemen, prepare to fight it out for the D.A.B.B.L.E. cup!