The Fallen at Arcanacon 2007

Ok! Been out of the world for a while so here will be my battle report from arc. Am mentioning no names, cause i have forgotten one of them, so it would be poor form to mention the other 5 players when all 6 of them gave me ace games and some great challenges!

Game1. Vs Imp Guard and some Inquisitor from the DH codex.
Quarters set up.
The guard rolled in with 2 squads in chimeras and a Russ. Plenty of strength 8+ weapons on the other side of the board. They started firing first, i was going to try and negotiate, but they just would not listen! Battle cannon dropped 3 marines, and a storm of heavy bolter fire killed of two marines from my havoc squad. Hairy first turn, and one that i know i would have to go through again before i got close enough for the demons to make a difference. My return fire stunned a chimera.
Turn 2, got lucky, very lucky!! Cannon shot went wide, some sentinels he had killed some trees, and the Chimeras got on the move!! For shooting, i immobilized a Chimera that had its rear hatch facing the board edge, he was about a third of an inch clearance, there for 10 Storm Troopers got stuck in their tin coffin! Demons arrived, but had to hide behind some trees for fear of mass lasgun fire. Don’t laugh!! Those flash lights are scary. Best bit of fun was lining up my Chaos Lt to stick a Dark Blade up his Inquisitor butt.
Turn 3. I was more excited about what i was going to do. So whatever my opponent did i forget. I had all my demons on the board in this turn, and they started munching!!!! The furies went straight for a guard unit, Some daemonettes began munching on a storm trooper squad who were out of the second chimera. And my boys who infiltrated with the power fist shoved a hole in the Leman Russ.
Turn 4. Munch munch munch munch munch! Guardsmen put up a fight but they just got dazzled by the naked boobies! I popped the 1st chimera stuck on the board edge. And my Lt makes his 19 inch run at the Inquisitor. Who hold out, but loses most of his retinue.
Turn 5. Munch munch munch munch! Lt, being a bit tired calls in 5 daemonettes to help him finish this stilly Inquisitor boy of. Queue puddle of blood.
Turn 6. Mop up, secure all quarters.
Result. Win!

Game 2. Sisters of Battle.
Mission. Secure objectives.
Turn 1. Got given first turn. Not ideal as two huge sisters squad, that Exorcist thing etc were standing off against me. Thus knowing i would have to move forward into bolter range in order to get my demons off and into his lines. Hmmmmm. What else to do. Moved forward.Result? Yip, lost a pile of boys. Think i may have killed a few sisters from my Obliterators.
Turn 2. Stunned the exorcist with my havocs as it had popped its head around the corner so it moved off for the turn. Demons came out, but had to make a run for cover. Lost yet more marine though from divine bolter fire. Could not really keep this up. Had to kill some sisters soon!
Turn 3. Bounced my furies into 15 sisters. Not a smart move but had to stop them shooting for a turn, and thin them down in the process. Which they did!! And the furies held on to fight again next turn. Though the Canoness would be in that fight also. Had a squad in a rhino move up onto my flank and jump out. Queue more casualties! And the Exorcist added to my death pile!
Turn 4. Bye Exorcist! Squad in Rhino, meet 6 Daemonettes and some ace fire from my Obliterators. Enjoy!! Most of the other sisters got on the move toward objectives this turn, so casualties were light. The furies did not last though, but their mission was a success. Thinned the squad down to around half size, and stopped them shooting at me!
Turn 5. Daemonettes and Chaos Lt had to chase down the other big sisters squad. This time though the Daemonettes left the Lt to go it alone as they were out of range. Queue the Lt for death via an Eviscerator. Bummer! My other Daemonettes bumped into the Cannoness while the left over sisters had a date with my Obliterators. Carnage!!!!! Obiterators won that, but the Daemonettes were just to few and the big girl wiped them out.
Turn 6. My dettes that were out of range died. AS demons who stand in the open often do. You may be thinking at this point i had already lost. Well, yes. I think i had. But i had clamed 2 of my secondary obejectives, and so had my opponent. I did have a chance though. A 8 girl seraphim squad had jumped out (hiding all game) to claim an objective. I ahd the left overs of a squad. 5 marine ccw and a power fist. I sent them in after shootingthe squad up with my havocs. Kille one from shooting, all i had to do was kill four. All the normal boys forgot how to fight, and the fist killed three. Upon addition of VPs, the sister won by 230 ish points. I had the draw if i had killed that one last girl! Goes to show you should never give up. Which am glad i did’nt. Great game!
Result. Loss.

Game 3. Black Templas Drop Pod Army.
Misssion. Objective building things!
Turn 1. The goal was to have units around 3 buldings, one each in players deployment zone and on ine the middle. I got to set my entire army down, and got given first turn. Nothing to shoot etc on the board so i moved toward the central building. I had infiltrated a 10 man squad intoit already.
Turn 2. Unit of Dettes arrived, but with nothing to kill yet they hung out in the central building. 2 pods arrived. On contained a 10 man crusader squad. The other packed in a chaplain in T-armour and some cc termies. Light shooting from them dropped a marine! Grrrrrrrrrrr!
Turn 3. Another unit of Dettes arrived, they moved to help the Lt (who was looking at the pretty trees). Minor movment towards other building in enemy side. Shooting 9 bolt pistols at termi squad killed 3. Oh yeah. They rage it forward right into my dettes. The 9 marines with ccw and fist charge in to help them out. Termies die. Thanks for they memories! Chaplain survies though ti hold both squads in comabt. Another crusader sqaud drops in near my Lt (they ruin the pretty tress he was looking at) and a Ven dred appears infornt of the building in his zone i was heading too!! Again, lose a few marines to light shooting.
Turn 4. Lt bring the pain train to the tree killing crusaders. But…….. forgets to switch on Darkblade and rolls four 1s to wound. Uh oh. Its ok though, and crusaders feel guilt over tree death and fail to hit. Chaplain dies via powerfist. The party crew move onto to the other crusader squad. Dred blocking my way porves an issue. Shrugs of mass fire from havocs and oblits, have to run him down with a power fist. Again, thinks it big laughs and holds out. Minus an assault canon however. Emps champ (chump) drops in behind my building and hides behind his pod. Setting up for a charge next turn.
Turn 5. As though on que (a bit later than normal) my furies turn up. With everything else already dealing death in cc, they decide to kill the emp champ. 24 str 5 attacks. Whos your daddy now? Black sword falls to the ground. Dred blows up. Dettes help out Lt again. Trees avenged.
Turn 6. Killed some drop pods. Everything else already on the ground with raspberry jam all over them! Result. Win.

End of day 1. My thoughts. After the painting rounds i thought i was in with a good chance. But competition was soooooo strong this year in the painting side. I was already dreading next year as i was unsure how much was left in my hobby tank! As a member of the Golden D6, my other tema mates were doing even better, as some of them had 3 strong wins. A solid day though, proving that a strong army is not always going to win. Most people say thats cause am using it. Can anyone say ‘whats a warhammer?’

Game 4. Tzeentch.
Mission, some energy field thing!
Turn 1. Had to go and blow up some energy file generators. Ok. On the other side of the table was a landraider with some tzeen boys, a squad on foot and a greater demon waiting to arrive. Lost first turn, everything started moving forward. I cranked out some shooting to drop the raider. Big win there!! And manouvered to ensure my demons would be in the right place to get busy next turn.
Turn 2. Greater demon arrives and make s bee line for my lines. some flamers arrive and start to make a mess of my infiltrating squad. Greater demon eats a squad of s marines, but only makes a 2 inch consolidation. Joy! Open up with 2 plasma and 6 bolters. Peal two wounds of him. Enter Lt with , yip you guessed it! 6 dettes into cc with him. Exit greater demon. Furies arrive to face of against the flamers. Battle royal begins! Quite a bloody turn two. Cause some light casulties by shooting on both sides other than the other stuff i mentioned.
Turn 3. Mosh pit of the furies and flamers is joined by tzeeny marines with sorceror and left overs of infiltratre squad. Rest of my army began the march to the energy field things. And on the way i needed to make a stop of and kill of the rest of the squad fom the landraider who were lookng a bit angry!
Turn 4. Mosh pit is going against me, so send in the 2nd unit of dettes that arrived! Lt and dettes make combat with 2nd tzeeny marines squad. They hold out very well to first attack round. And again in their turn 4. Mosh pit begins to turn against me again as sorceror summons up some spawns! Arrgh!!!!! Its a huge mess but the fight continues!
Turn 5. Have the option to send oblits into the mosh pit to help out. The body pile there is building quicky and thier is not a lot left. so leave it to reolve its self. Lt finally makes it through enemy unit, but loses a wound on the way! He begins the big sprint to the objectives as am running out of time!
Turn 6. Mosh pit end with all my units dead, and the sorceror and one spawn claim moral victory over there. LT, 6 dettes, 2 oblits and 7 mainres proceed to smoke and energy field objective. They thought it would get them hi, just gave them a headache.
Result. Win.

Game 5. Nurgle.
Mission. Collect exploding crystal things!
Turn 1. Papa nurgle would have been proud of me as i left some stains on my pants during this game!! Forget the exploding crystal things. There was a mutated hull pred and defiler, a winged demon prince with wind of chaos, and a greater pooh! Luck started of with me in turn one. I dropped that defiler quicker than than a grey st pro can drop her dacks. Managed to pick of a few burgle boys, but lost a few in return. A hoard of nurglings started what would turn out to be a party parde around the table top. Pred pooped of a few boys, and the flying prince geared himself up for a turn two thrashing!
Turn 2. Some dettes arrived. They once again backed up my Lt and the infiltrate boys. (told you its a recurring theme) Pred remaind un touchable after my havocs and oblits had a dig! Managed to drop an other nurgle marine, as his other unit withthe demon vessle wndered up unmolested. also, the party parade of nurglings gets closer. Prince arrives. Kills four marines then goes on for the kill. Does not kill enough, combat is tied and he is left fighting the left overs of the 10 man cc squad.
Turn 3. Count myslef lucky! LT and dettes go into prince. Good bye Prince. The three units then form up to repel the next assualt withthe suppost of the furies who have turned up! The other dettes arrive and form up on my 8 man squad with plasma guns. All this in an effort to prevent some plague bearers who now take up a lease in a building, and papa bear himself, who bursts into life. Pred continues to kill stuff, i say good bye to my oblits, and very soon the party of 7 bases of nurglings is going to hit.
Turn 4. Pred contiues to live, i have not even scratched the dam thing. Send the 8 furies of into some marines. I thought they could take on 5 of them. I was to be proven wrong, but it would take until turn 6!! Nurglings hit and chase of a 6 man squad. But on a brave move, the dettes and a very beatedn up marine squad decide they can handle a lord of pooh in cover. Takes 2 wounds, the fight continues.
Turn 5. Dettes Vs plague beares goes my way! Though they take a bit of a beating. Thankfully they decided to charge me, and the marines got to help out. The Pooh looks like he is going to rinse the combat so i speed my Lt over. Who trips over and gets rapid fired to death. (should’nt have left the dettes) As i thought. Pooh, plus the party hoarde win the combat, then make a bee line for the left over dettes and few marines left.
Turn 6. Cry!!!! The pred lives and makes a 12 inch dash for a crystal thing. The left overs of the nurgle squad that summoned the pooh claim one also. The furies finally die, but again i think they did a fair job. (maybe?) Pooh, party mob and co rinse the life out of the rest of my army. Leaving me with one guy with and autocannon on the board.
Result. Loss.

Game 6. Dark Angels.
Mission, Shhhhhhhh its a secret.
Turn1. Had hidden set up. And secret mission. I strung my battle line out as my mission was table quarters. Once set up was revealed. The dark angels had loaded up one side and refused a flank. They were going for my deployment zone for sure (which i was right about). I had to stop a landraider, 2 single choice tornados, a dred, librarian, 2 razorbacks with squads and a scout squad supporting them with a mix of weapons. And on that flank i had an 8man squad with 2 plasma. And 2 oblits that were just of centre! Argghh!!!! Turn one i was busy chasing my own tail trying to get support to the flank. Ended up moving the havocs who were way the other side of the table on the long march into his deployment zone. They did this all game, so just forget about them!! I had no effect in turn 1. in return? I lost 7 marines from that squad! Leaving only one guy with a plasma gun! I had to lose the icon due to coherency etc.
Turn 2. Ok, in a bit of strife. Solo marine with plasma gun leaves bunker (??Uh?) and ducks behind cover shooting the ass cannon of a speeder. RE deployment almost ready to go, with Lord, and oblits and 10 man cc squad on the case! Just need one turn unmolested! No demons yet, but thats a good thing today!! But only one Chaos marine in that table quarter, can he do it?? Queue Dark Angels shooting, at the guys with the plasma gun. (and this is no joke, there were witnesses!) speeder with ass cannon and hvy bolter, other speeder with heavey bolter, razorback with twin hvy bolter, razorback with twin las, 2 six man squads with mix hvy weapons and bolt guns, and a landraider. Result, solo marine with plasma gun lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barricade is very shot up. The gods of chaose look upon that man (who i have now converted into my new Chaos Lord for such a good job , pics to follow) and say LIVE!!! Only result from shooting was when the dred, the last unit to fire decided to shoot an oblit. And killed him.
Turn 3. My counter attack begins. Unit of dettes arrive, and go into tackle the dred in cc. 10 man squad with 2 meltas make a new door in the landraider, and my lord uses the wreck for cover as he watches the dettes open up the dred. Oblit downs a speeder. And Solo marine with plasam gun?? Yip you guessed wrong everyone. He did’nt kill himself, he dropped the other speeder in a fine rapid fire display!! Furies arrive but move of in a long term plan to do away with th escouts, and claim another board quarter. A long shot lascannon stops a razorback in its tracks. Return fire was light, with units moving towad my deployment zone.
Turn 4. Librarian and squad meet up with Lt and Dettes, 2nd unit of dettes now on stand by near the trashed raider. Solo marine now dies! And i have got units diggin into my deploment zone, razorback and 6 marines behind cover. (the same cover my solo boy was in, haaa haaa) Bit of a stand off during this turn as combat was drawn, though a few dettes and dark angels did drop dead. Furies now ready to launch assault on scouts, did lose one to fire from that squad but its cool. 7 will be ebough!
Turn 5. Lose a good few dettes in combat, and had to commit the 2nd squad in (the librarien was going for it) but won out in the end. Oblit and marines moved on the scoring unit in my deployment zone. Oblit failed his chance to live check against a missle launcher. Poor fellow!! Furies get thier chance to make a diffrence! But manage to get a drawn combat! Which they then win in the next phase and see off the scouts! Lt and left over dettes leave the body of the librarian behind and head for thier own deployment zone to clean house.
Turn 6. House gets cleaned up. Dark balde, power fists and dettes eat 5 dark angels! Whos the Fallen now??
Result : win!

Thoughts on Arc 07. Loved it! Thoughts on next year. Starting to form, and even some thoughts for 09. So it was 3rd over all, and 2nd best painted. thanks to all you guys that voted for me! Hope you enjoyed seeing the army in the flesh. Was great to get the chance to talk to lots of you about it. Especially the SA boys. Will be making a visit over there this year for a tourney for sure. And i will bring my Melbourne Victory top too!! (i was at the dome for the final. but i don’t think your team was there??) I will be posting pics of all the finished units soon, and then the expansion (already begun) will be next. Cause its 1500pts for Conquest, 1750 (i think) for KF. And then the big show, Liber Animus.