The Great Hoarder Hobby Hangout

Greetings, Hobby Pigs*,
The Hoarder is a Facebook group of hobbyists. The idea behind the group is simple:

The enemy is the sprue. Defeat the sprue. Complete the lifecycle of that wonderful little piece of plastic. With clippers, glue, brush and paints it will ascend. It will conquer. Your hoard will become a horde.

The goal of the Hoarder is to reduce the piles of grey plastic and metal that call out to us, mocking us, taking up space and gathering dust. We do this through mutual support, pledging to finish a project by a certain time as a way to spur us on to hobby greatness.

Like all of you, I have a tonne of toy soldiers that are awaiting attention. My most precious commodity is the time it takes to hobby. So rather than pledging to complete a unit, a character or even a single model, my pledge is time. Time, that most valuable asset, time that will be devoted to hobby. I am pledging that time to you, my fellow Hoarders regardless of wether you are part of the group or not.

So, grab some models and join me on Sunday 29th March at 20:45 AEDST as we get our Hobby on!

The Great Hoarder Hobby Hangout

*I promise it’s a compliment (