The great Infinity terrain muster

Over on I made comment that I need to go back and revisit my Infiniy Shipment table. As we all know, the birth of a baby tends to totally destroy the best laid plans of mice and men.

As things get a little more settled around the old homestead, I can sit back and take stock of the terrain that I have. I can also reassess whether I have met the goal of the initial Infinity Shipment map.

Over time, I’ve built a number of terrain projects mostly relating back to the Infinity Shipment map. Strangely, none of them are entirely finished; but they’re works in progress, don’tchaknow.

An unpainted Reverend Moira and a Caskuda are used to demonstrate scale and size.

infinity terrain silos infinity terrain storage tank infinity terrain exhaust pipes
infinity terrain shanty infinity terrain walk ways barriers infinity terrain shack
As the only piece of terrain that is finished, you can see the dark and muted tone that will be used.
infinity terrain abandoned building infinity jersey barriers infinity terrain wall sections

Unlike BP Laser, who use lasers to precisely cut their terrain so that it fits together beautifully, all this terrain is measure by eye and, hence, a little less precise. Terrain can be entirely handmade from rubbish lying around the house.

Featured above are materials like

  • Cardboard tubes – Use to make pipes and containers
  • Large drinking straws (both the bendy and non-bendy type)
  • Corrugated cardboard and ice cream sticks
  • Foam core and various thicknesses of cardboard, particularly cardstock.
  • PVA glue
  • And the most important, TOILET PAPER

I have extolled the virtues of toilet paper as a covering for buildings and things. Who, honestly, doesn’t love playing with papier-mâché?

Back to my original goal; a table worth of Infinity scenery. I have achieved that goal, as the above well covered a 4′ table. The only negative? It’s all ground level. There’s no levels used beyond the ground and the top of existing structures. Lots of the scenery is big enough to hide normal troops as well as something as big as the Caskuda.

The Shipment map is taken from the Call of Duty games and served as the basic idea. It’s not an especially elevated map when you look at it.
infinity shipment map scenery
I justify my lack of height based on the premise that the original inspiration is pretty flat anyway.

Another posting on that serves as inspiration for this post.