The new and improved Man Cave

The Man Cave is the last bastion of masculinity. It is a metaphor for a room in the house where “guys can do as they please” without fear of upsetting any female sensibility about house decor or design. Some of us are incredibly lucky and resource abundant and have something like this:

Man Cave of Motorcycles

“Man cave motorcycles” by Jeffrey M Dean – Own work.
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s be honest, here, most of us don’t.

My wife has total dominion over the house, and what she doesn’t control the kids have domination over. The Man Cave is my personal space, carved out against almost insurmountable opposition, where it’s my rules.

For the most part.

I could look at the Man Cave, more generally, as a reaction to feminine domestic power. My wife says that’s a load of codswallop though and I should get back to the dishes.

Our hobby takes up a ridiculous amount of real estate when you take into account things like army storage, painting areas, storage for terrain and other incidentals. Carving out a Man Cave, especially with small children who tend to put things in their mouth just to see whether Daddy’s toy soldiers taste nice, can be a bit of a challenge.

Sometimes we can annex a corner to setup a desk.

Sometimes it is considerably less space that our hobby has to fit into.

ridiculously small man cave

This was my hobby space in our previous house. Is it any wonder I ended up with crippling back pain?! I had a small coffee table over flowing with painting projects, the ubiquitous computer to listen to podcasts/watch movies on and storage space for everything else that makes up a busy hobbyist’s arsenal. The stool that I sat on, hunched over like Quasi Modo and the use of the coffee table were less than optional for getting anything done over any period of time. Admittedly, the house was very small and cramming two people’s worth of junk in there was quite an exercise.

Forward about five years and I am blessed with this:

The Man Cave Pre-mega cleanup

Okay, off to the left may be a FEW items that aren’t strictly Man Cave appropriate, but we can pretend, right?

The astute observer will notice that it looks like a hurricane has been through the place. In my defense, there is no layer of pizza boxes AND only one visible, old coffee cup. What’s the problem?

So, after some … *ahem* gentle persuasion by my wife, and mother, I decided (all by myself) that it was time to get in to the Man Cave and do some serious tidying up. I had to rationalise some stuff, specifically, the Samsung TV on the desk. It was taking u space and not being used.

After three hours of shuffling and reorganising the Man Cave is now well ordered and more conducive to some serious hobby time:
The Man Cave Post-mega cleanup

Having freed the space on the work desk, there is a surprising amount of real estate to work with!
The Man Cave work space

Other notable examples of hobby Man Cave’s and work spaces include

  • Robert Crane’s work space:
    Robert Crane's hobby space
  • The magnificent work space of New Zealand’s more powerful war gamer, Pete Dunn:
    Pete Dunn's Man Cave
  • The newly relocated Man Cave over at Weemen:
    Weemen's Man Cave

We can’t all have a luxuriously appointed Man Cave of our own. The example at the top of this post is an impressive (and probably unattainable) example. However, we all require some space, some solace from female domination of our houses and living spaces. Some space to paint and play with our obsession, our hobby, our toy soldiers! Rise up, brothers, and show me your Man Cave.

I promise I won’t tell your benevolent overlords.