The Space Marine Showcase

Over at the Land O Misfit Toys, there is an undertaking of epic proportions.
Apparently, hobbyists the world over are all being sent a single Space Marine to paint. Somehow, yours truly made it onto that list!
I have been sent a single Marine and now I have to decide which Chapter to paint. It took a REAAAAAAAALLY long time and I finally decided on Mantis Warriors.
I haven’t really ever painted anything as a mass of green before; no orks, no Imperial Guard, nuffink …
Google answers all questions, and there are a multitude of reference material.

The Mantis Legion, sometimes referred to as the Mantis Warriors, is a generally Codex Astartes-compliant Space Marine Chapter of unknown origin and founding that was birthed in the Mordriana System, near the Eye of Terror, though they have had their right to a homeworld revoked and so currently maintain their fortress-monastery on one of the battle barges of their space fleet. Though a Successor Chapter, Mantis Warrior gene-seed is unusual and is rumored to allow the Mantis Warriors to enter a haze-like state in which the warrior’s perception of space and time are slowed down, allowing him to react and fight at an accelerated speed. This battle haze, once initiated, is a permanent state and the Marine is caught in it until he dies. The Mantis Warriors are melee combat specialists whose Power Armour possesses notched adamantine blades attached to the lower arm armour. Mantis Warriors who are veterans of the Tranquility Campaign are formed into Sniper Squads known as Tranquility Sniper Squads. These Marines are known widely across the Imperium for their use of the Sniper Rifle and their yellow and black tiger-stripe armour. The only other non-Codex Astartes-compliant troops mentioned are the elite Praying Mantidae. This elite cadre are selected from the most driven and pious members of the Chapter and live for the sole purpose of hunting the Traitor Space Marines known as the Red Corsairs in order to bring honor back to the Chapter. They are recognisable by the snake-like tattoos that cover their body, extending high up on their necks.

Pictures of Mantis Warriors reveal shining green armour with gold trim. Herein lies the problem. If you start with a base of Dark Angel Green, they’ll be too dark and probably end up looking more like Dark Angels.
After consultation with a mate who has actually painted a Mantis Warrior army, the recipe looks something like this:

Mix of Dark Angel Green and Snot Green
Wash with Badab Black
Panel paint with the original mix
Highlight with Snot Green
Highlight with Snot Green and Sunburst Yellow
Final highlights with just some Sunburst Yellow

So there you have it; the way that I am going to paint Mantis Warriors.

Link: – The original idea.

The example of the recipie above that I plan to emulate.