Things to do while painting

Painting and I don’t get along. I enjoy it (and like to think that I do it well), but time is of the essence. Motivation is another factor; especially when you have hobby ADD. At the moment there are half painted Deathwing miniatures (and a pretty cool Belial stand-in), some scenery pieces for Infinity and even a Bloody Barnabus along with a few Morat figures. My shame knows few limits at the moment.
Basic time management skills would show that efficient usage of available resources is needed. Through stringent testing, I can now tell you that watching Super Hero Squad is not helpful when trying to paint.

A better option to force back the silence of the house after everyone goes to bed is something like music. Motorhead is great for base coating, but not so good for detailed work. Film soundtracks are more forgiving; the Lord of the Rings is a great background, for example.

I remember reading long ago via Pete Dunn’s blog, The Fields of Blood, about working on painting while listening to podcasts. It actually makes sense; the podcasts, generally follow the content of what I am working on. However, it’s hard to find podcasts relating specifically to painting. Logically, it’s difficult to explain HOW to paint a miniature beyond general directions. Youtube is a better option, as are webpages, both serve to distract me from painting …

By looking at iTunes it not hard to find a heap of interesting material (some better than others) on the tabletop gaming hobby we all obsess over.
I really find tournament and competitive play based podcasts interesting. Recently, I discovered the Dwellers Below. The Dwellers Below hosts feature a motley collection of rouges and rapscallions from the Melbourne Warhammer scene; most of them are regulars at the Hampton Games Club. HGC is well known amongst the tourney sceme and many of them are regular podium finishers.

Their second podcast talks quite extensively about gaming etiquette and the Dwellers Below wax lyrical about his to play the game and still manage to be a decent human being while doing it. I was particularly interested on opinions if opponents forget something in a phase and ask to go back. From a Warhammer 40000 background, I have never had a major problem with opponents moving/shooting out of sequence. Admittedly, I’m not playing for sheep stations.

The other part of the podcast discussed a topic that is frequently discussed on other podcasts; the strength of lists relative to other lists and optimal builds. With the rapid approach of Book of Grudges, the boys are all a flutter with various ideas about lists and builds and varying success of different lists. One particular list considered has two blocks of White Lions (thirty in each unit).

Some of the language is on the grownup side, but the opinions are well thought out, and come from positions of authority within the Melbourne Warhammer scene.

The strange thing about the podcast is hearing their oft voiced opinions in my ear. Via the iPod, that is.

The Dwellers Below; doing it in your ear. Or something.