Today I Painted – Malifaux Mindless Zombie

Whilst the nefarious Melbourne Warhammer community was playing at Empire In Flames, I packed up my paints and toy soldiers and travelled up to Realm of Legends.

I’ve had these Mindless Zombies sitting around for a while and amongst other things today, I decided to get my hobby on.

The skin technique for the zombie is something that I saw in a video tutorial on Youtube via the Dakka Dakka forums.

  1. Undercoat the miniature normally
  2. Paint the skin area in thinned GW Dheneb Stone. This may take a couple of coats for even coverage.
  3. Once the skin is dry, liberally apply Badab Black to the deeper recesses of the miniature and leave to dry THOROUGHLY.
  4. Thin down Thraka Green and apply liberally across the entire skin. Ideally, it should lightly shade the skin and the recesses. Two or three coats should achieve some deep green shadows and lightly glaze the raised areas a shade of green.
  5. Once that process is complete, highlight the raised with Dheneb stone with some Bleached Bone (1:1 mix)

The overalls:

  1. Base coat in Necron Abyss Blue.
  2. Wash liberally with Badab Black.
  3. Highlight with Regal Blue on the raised parts of the overalls.
  4. Highlight the Regal Blue with Ultramarines Blue.
  5. Liberally wash the overalls again, this time with Asuryman Blue.

The only thing left to do is an appropriately Malifaux-grave-steampunk-esque base.