Today I Painted – Master Ekusa

I am embracing my destiny, finally admitting that it’s going to take me forever to finish a Warhammer or Warhammer 40000 army. Part of the reason is the ever present lack of time. Family, particularly, seem to chew up most of my non-work hours and I wouldn’t have it anyother way.

Coming to this realisation is remarkably liberating! It opens up a whole new world of opportunities in the gaming arena. The “skirmish” level games out there are really starting to take off. Bushido really got my attention because it’s got an old kung-fu master … riding a giant turtle!! How awesome is THAT?

There’s also a little girl who rocks around with a filthy big Gorilla as her sidekick! With the last of my spare cash (stupid mortgage repayments!), I was perusing the stock at Realm of Legends and found them. Ended up with the Temple of Ro-Kan starter box and also little Aiko and her huge Gorilla. In a fit of enthusiasm, I finished Master Ekusa pretty quickly, and I’m pretty happy with the finished result.

GCT Studios Bushido Master Ekusa GCT Studios Bushido Master Ekusa

More to come and maybe even a game or two, sooner or later.