Today I Painted – Wood Elf Test Model

I am starting a new army. Due to my complete inability to sell my Wood Elves, I am now going to have to paint up an army and get proficient with its usage.
Okay, I will front up and play Warhammer with the army; proficiency optional.

Wood Elves, played well can be pretty dominant, given the age of the army list. Recent evidence can be seen at Empire In Flames won by a Wood Elf player. For the longest time, DaveOWar has been hassling me to turn to the dark side, and it looks like he has won.

Most of the Wood Elf armies out there prominently feature a green motif. And to be honest, it works. However, I have decided on a more Autumnal theme for mine.

This is where the fun comes in.

It’s been ages since I started a really new army. Most of the painting I have been doing recently is continuation of existing stuff, Malifaux Gremlins and Resurrectionists, Blood Bowl Necromantics and Goblins and one off stuff like the Boyar Champion. So I was faced with a problem; what is the colour scheme going to be. From the list of choices I have in the army, I decided on a rank and file trooper because I am going to have to do a lot of them. Therefore, the paint scheme has to be something relatively simple and quick to do.

I’m not unsatisfied with my choice of red and bone. Not your atypical Wood Elf colours, but they feel autumn-y, the death of the forest in preparation for winter, etc. It’s also a theme that I think I can really go to work with on the characters.

Coming from a Warhammer 40000 background, I am also devising variations in the scheme to distinguish units while still maintaining a coherent feel to the army.

Painted Warhammer Wood Elf warrior

Painted Warhammer Wood Elf warrior

Have I hit the mark or missed it widely (pun semi-intended)?