Tournament report – VICC 2012

The VICC was held on the weekend at Latrobe University, Bundoora. The VICC was dreamt up by the good people a WGoL to give the clubs around Victoria the opportunity to face off against one another allowing one o reign supreme over all others. Yes, the VICC was taken out by Hampton Games Club this year and they were fortunate enough to have the Warhammer 40000 powerhouse that I am representing them. The internet is not the most apt tool for conveying sarcasm, unfortunately.
Regrettably, I was only able to make the first day of the tournament. This saw clubs facing off against each other in one-on-one games. Hampton faced off against GROTS, TWAT and Outpost Gaming.
My list looked something like and I think that my fears about Chaos being under-powered are still there, but not as much. Sixth edition impending and a new Chaos Codex will definitely help.

Of the three games, two were objective based and one was Kill Points.
Game 1 – Andrew from GROTS.
One of my favourite things about VICC was playing a whole heap of opponents who I have never faced before. Andrew was one such example. The army was good looking, if a little too reminiscent of a Dark Angel army using the Blood Angel rules! His list (roughly) contained:

Sanguinary Priest
Assault marines (no Jump Packs) in a Landraider
Assault marines with Jump Packs
Tactical Squad with Lascannon
Devestator Squad with 5 Missile Launchers
Three bikers with Meltagun and Powerfist

Andrew has gained some infamy in the tournament scene by taking Mephiston in a 1200 point army. This prompted one of the Melbourne Tournament scene’s elder statesmen, and all around nice guy, to be quoted as saying, “Mephistion is a C#NT!” I have to agree. In 1500 points, he is a monster and the delivery system just has to get him into close combat and then stand around drinking Pina Coladas.
However, my main threats were the Vindicator and the Landraider, completely apart from Mephiston. I deployed two Obliterators in a firing position on top of a building and spent some time trying to blow both of them into non-existance. Thankfully, I was successful, but not before both hit the middle of the table and delivered their payload. The Vindicator spent one turn not able to fire and then was destroyed.
An astute reader might well ask, where was Mephiston? He was using one of his multitude of psychic powers to wing his way across the table.
The middle of the table turned into a mosh pit where the Assault marines, Librarian (who managed to double 1 his “Sword” psychic power and lose his remaining wound) and Sanguinary Priest were having a party with two squads of Plague Marines, Typhus and an Obliterator.
My Chosen melta squad rocked up in turn two and moved towards the centre of the board only to get Mephiston-ed into the middle of next week. Based on Mephiston’s performance and reputation, he got target priority after the mosh pit had been cleared up and I had emerged the victor. In fact, he got so much target priority that I shot all of my army on the table at him. For two turns! And when I say everything, I mean, twin linked bolters on Rhinos, Lascannons from Obliterators; in fact, everything but the kitchen sink before the bastard died!
There are games that you pray will end on the fifth turn and this one did. I had accounted for Mephiston and the party on the objective. Andrew had terrible dice on his Lascannon and Devastator marines, both of whom stayed well out of the fray.
At the end of the game, I had a Rhino undamaged on top of the objective and the remnants of two squads as well. The mission objective was to have the most Kill Points holding the target at the end of the game. Andrew’s remaining troops were too far away to get in and either kill my troops or contest the objective.
Win to me.
The Typhus report: He did nothing spectacular and died pretty easy. At the very least, he didn’t get his points back. Deep Striking with even one Obliterator helped to keep him alive for longer. He really, really feels not having Eternal Warrior.

Fresh off the win in the first round, Hampton found itself facing TWAT; a gaming club based in Geelong. At this point, I’d like to make a recommendation for players in the Geelong area; go play at TWAT! They’re a great bunch of guys and I had a really enjoyable game against Jason Murdock.

Game 2 – Jason from TWAT
Jason was bringing the pain Eldar style. Yo! There were lots of guys in tanks that ran away from me for five turns and then decided to come play. The Fire prism was deployed too close to the edge and some lucky rolling saw me out flank my Chosen right near it and proceed to melta it’s ass off! The mission was an interesting game of radioactive objectives that would wound on a 4+ with a -1 save. Feel No Pain was a life saver as I sat on top of objectives (again) and waited for the Eldar to decide to fight.
I was especially not fond of a squadron of War Walkers that hosed down whole units. Eldar are scary at range.
Five turns of back and forth saw a win to me as I contested two of the three objectives and held one uncontested.
Details are missing from this game, however, Jason’s army is beautiful (that of it that’s finished!) and I’d love to play it again. He was absolutely the best game of Warhammer I’ve had in a while.
The Typhus report: Deep Strike with two Obliterators near to the Eldar. They didn’t retreat far enough and despite a heap of fire that dropped the Obliterators, Typhus was able to reach combat, ate a squad of Fire Dragons and promptly died as everything with a gun shot him. It did help to distract Jason from shooting the rest of my army, so Typhus achieved a posthumous moral victory.

Two wins from two games! I’ve never won two games in a row. Come to think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever WON two games.

Game 3 – Mitchell from Outpost Gaming
Thanks to my team mates and a mix of wins and draws, we were looking pretty strong going into the third round. Go back, re-read that last sentence and underline and bold the word “were”. Outpost Gaming were our third game, my matchup was against Mitchell who also played Eldar. Unlike Jason, Mitchell’s list had two War Walkers and an Avatar, a unit of Rangers, some Dire Avengers and a squad of Guardians with a weapon platform. It was during this Kill Point mission that I had my brain fart and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
I’m not sure if Mitchell meant to or not, but at the end of the fifth turn there was very little left on the board. In a fit of heroic bravery, I threw Typhus at an Avatar who made all his invulnerable saves and didn’t let me suck his soul from his … erm … body? The rest is largely academic; Typhus got pasted again!
My brain fart moment came as sixth turn started. I was lobbing Havoc shells at the Rangers in cover hoping for the occasional cover save fail, completely forgetting that in a Kill Points mission Rhinos count as kill points. Mitchell went on a Rhino busting spree that saw me lose three in one turn. Instead of winning by a kill point I lost by ONE KILL POINT!
Pay attention to the mission, pay attention to the mission, runforwardandtryandkillthings … DAMMIT!

What did I learn?
I am really enjoying the Chaos list I have built. Toughness five and Feel No Pain make it difficult for opponents to shift you from objectives.
Chosen in a Rhino with five Meltaguns and Outflanking is risky (waiting for the reserve roll and then rolling for the table edge), but it’s a no brainer for the heavy tank or gribbly hiding in the deployment zone. Being five Meltaguns, the opponent can’t ignore them if they have other priority targets in their deployment zone. The only other option that I would deploy the Chosen with is the Mark of Nurgle. In the three games I played, it was the big guns being broght to bear, so I don’t think it would make a terribly big difference to their survivability.

The Final Result?

1. Hampton
2. Ringwood
3. MWM
4. Outpost
5. Viewbank
6. Bad Gaming
6. TW@T
8. Battle Bunker
1. Ringwood
2. Viewbank
3. Outpost
4. Bad Gaming
5. Hampton
6. Regulators
7. WGoL
9. Gumbies
11. Battle Bunker
12. Phoenix
1. MWM
2. Hampton
3. TW@T
4. Outpost
5. Ringwood
7. Phoenix
8. WGoL
Warmachine / Hordes
1. Hampton
2. Outpost
3. Battle Bunker
4. Gumbie
5. Bad Gaming
6. WGoL


I missed the second day’s play and so I have second hand accounts of how it went. In the final points tally, Hampton Games Club finished … fifth in Warhammer 40000. Not the best showing but combined with our very strong showing in both Warhammer and Warmachine lead HGC to be crowned the VICC champions of 2012. (Evidence follows!)

The VICC format is a unusual in that, it’s a team game but you play singles on the first day and doubles on the second. At the start of each round the team captains are given four missions that have to be allocated to each of the four players. You have no idea what mission will best suit your army up until that point and guessing your opponent is nigh on impossible. It sounds really bad, but I think that the tournament really worked well and I am looking forward to coming back next year.

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