Tourney pimpin’ – Arc40k

Arc40k remains one of the largest Warhammer 40000 tournaments in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2012, the members of War All The Time (WATT) stood down from running the tournament and some new blood took over the reins. The tourney still continues to grow from strength to strength and the Organisers have taken some bold new steps this year.

The secretly released teaser below has gone VIRAAAAAAL and every Warhammer 40000 player in Australia should have seen it by now.

The big change takes three forms:
A ) Arc40k XVI won’t be held in a badly air conditioned primary school
B ) Arc40k XVI won’t be held on the Australia Day long weekend (and be part of the normal Arcanacon convention)
C ) The points limit has been raised from 1200 points to 1350 points

Point A is kind of important; there is nothing more pleasant that the funk of sweaty gamer that oozes from the rooms at the end of a hot summer’s day! Holding the tournament in a well ventilated AND air conditioned venue will be a huge benefit.

Previous records stand at about 180(ish) players; Ark40k used to clash with the Big Day Out (a popular music festival amongst the young people, many of whom are Warhammer 40000 players) and so numbers would always suffer. With this hurdle removed, who knows how many people they’ll get?!