On the table: Imperial Knight

Imperial Knights are the latest thing in big guys in Warhammer 40000 along with Tau Riptides and Eldar Wraithknights.

Via the Hoarder Facebook group, I was privileged to talk to Cam Auty about his pretty spectacular Imperial Knight as seen below.

Cam is a mainstay of the Melbourne Warhammer 40000 community. For many years has raised the bar with the modelling projects and armies that have appeared at tournaments. Check out his Adeptus Mechanicus and Sons of Horus that the Imperial Knight will be used for.

This Imperial Knight is a traitor house for his Sons of Horus army.

cameron auty imperial knight painted leg

When asked, Cam says of the paint job:

No airbrush, all spray cans. It’s a basecoat of Army Painter yellow, then masking tape for the patterns, then Tamiya grey primer and Tamiya matt white sprays for the other colours, then peel off the tape.

All the shading is done with oil paints over a coat of Humbrol clear varnish.

cameron auty imperial knight painted

Just make sure you use acrylic varnish under any oil/turps work, and leave it to set fully, otherwise you’ll melt off the under layers. I recommend Humbrol Clear, can just brush it on.

cameron auty imperial knight painted arm

On technique he has this to say,

you can’t go wrong reading the Forgeworld Master Class books and then just google searching for tips, check out military model blogs rather than Warhammer. It’s pretty simple though – just paint all your base colours, do 2-3 coats of clear acrylic (important!) gloss varnish, do your decals, 2-3 more coats of clear and then you can put on the oils. Just paint with them like normal except thinned with turps. Takes some getting used to, but you’ve got hours of drying time so can experiment.

Cam’s Imperial Knight Gallery is full of other amazing work.

From a rookie’s point of view, I think the most important point from Cam is time, patience and practice. It’s not going to be something that will happen immediately, and these techniques should probably be tested on something smaller than a big, expensive Imperial Knight!