Using the Combined Army Speculo Killer

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In an event that probably should have been reported in international news but probably wasn’t, I managed to get a game of Infinity at the Hampton Games Club. There’s a fair following there now and if you’re over this side of Melbourne there are few better places to go. In learning to play Infinity, I got used to playing at the 300 point level. That points limit is the sweet spot for all the toys much like larger games in other systems. My list was built around a Speculo Killer and lots of Thermo Optic Camo troops.

For those of you who don’t play Infinity, Thermo Optic Camouflage (TO:Camo) works a lot like Motoko Kusanagi’s suit in Ghost In The Shell

TO Camo from Ghost In The Shell

or the Predator’s stealth suit. Kusanagi looks hotter though and is, therefore, a better example.

The 300 point list I took was from the Combined Army list, not a Sectorial, just the plain old CA. The other advantage is you can also take Morats as part of the force to bulk out your Order Pool with pound-for-pound still the toughest line troops in the game, the Morats.

I also failed to do this, focus on the tricks in the list rather than the game I would have to play. I put the list together with the goal of testing out the rules for a few models though, so the outcome of the game was secondary to having some fun with stuff I hadn’t used.

The list looked like this:

The Anathematic » Hacker (EI Hacking Device) 
Umbra Legates » (Hacking Device Plus) 
Unidron Batroids » Forward Observer 
Unidron Batroids » Forward Observer 
Speculo Killer » Combi Rifle Smoke Grenade 
Malignos » Lieutenant 
Shasvastii Noctifer » Spitfire 
Malignos » Forward Observer 
Total SWC: 5.5          
Total Points: 297 
Generated with Infinity Pool 

I have had a Speculo Killer for ages, and even got it painted! It seemed like a great idea to throw it down on the table and see what an infiltrating shapeshifter with a Monofilament weapon could carve up. TL;DR it was uninspiring.

Having read and re-read the rules for Impersonation and TO:Camo, my goal was to try the rules in action. This was my first mistake because I forgot about other rules like ARO and drop smoke grenades.

I was also keen to check out another TO:Camo monster, the Anathematic. Even at 300 points, this beast is a huge points sink and it’s hard to get their points back during the game.

Both of my Malignos were in there, and it wasn’t until the game started that I realised they were armed with Combi-rifles instead of Sniper Rifles. The Lieutenant hid in the middle of the board because, well, who’d expect anyone to hide their Lieutenant in the middle of the board? This tactic worked exactly as planned and he hid under TO:Camo for most of the game, only coming out when he was the last model left on the board. Some dirty TAG with Super Climb eventually hammered him into the ground with a Heavy Machine Gun from the TOP OF A BUILDING?! What sort of filth is this?

One of the bonuses of TO:Camo allows the markers to deploy as hidden models at the start of the game and only reveal when they perform some of the old ultra-violence. Deploying so many hidden troops reduces your Order Pool until the markers are revealed and given the limited order pool I had, I needed all my markers on the board to allow me to do anything.

I don’t have any play-by-play photos. Some of my models were … ahem … unpainted. Presented for your consideration is my Learning List for this game

  • Impersonation gets people’s attention. The Speculo Killer deployed as an IMP-1 marker outside of my opponent’s deployment zone, over on my right prepared to eat an engineer and all the lovely remotes he had.
  • I thought I had deployed the IMP-1 marker out of LoS, it turns out that a Bot 30″ away drew a line of sight to the IMP token, made two ridiculously good Discover rolls and then proceeded to shoot the now exposed Speculo Killer.
  • An ARO Dodge to the initial Discover would have moved the disguised Speculo Killer back behind the scenery and out of line-of-sight.
  • Impersonation has two states. The first level can only be removed by a Discover roll at -6! As I said, ridiculously good roll. The second level can be removed by a normal Discover roll.
  • At that range, cautious moves would have allowed me to get past the discover
  • Smoke-FRAKKIN-Grenades as an ARO!
  • Kinematika L1 means additional inches moved on a successful dodge
  • One trick ponies don’t last long at all.

combined army speculo killer deployed

I also completely forgot about Hacking, with both the Anathematic and the Umbra Legates having a hacking device of some sort. I will have to remember that for coming games.

combined army speculo killer discovered

Back onto the Speculo Killer. Mine was armed with a Combi Rifle, smoke grenades, and most importantly a Monofilament close combat weapon. The Speculo Killer has mediocre shooting skills and awesome close combat skills enhanced by Martial Arts level 3. In short, can’t shoot for quids but is a monster in the sweat-and-bad-breath department.

That was largely irrelevant as the Speculo Killer was discovered and killed long before it was close enough to do what it does best.

Therein ends my second game of Infinity N3. I’m still (re)learning the rules and enjoying it massively. My main take away from this game was learning about the uses and abuses of TO:Camo and Impersonation. I am loving the Combined Army and look forward to bring the pain to some more filthy human opponents.