Wargames Scenery – Buildings

I have said this before, and I will definitely say this again; there are some truly talented people out there and if you’re lucky you will find them. Scenery remains one of the facets of wargaming that I am deficit on (completely avoiding my total inability to roll dice!). However, when you come across stuff like this, one can’t help but be inspired!

As the original post says:

Its going to be winterboard with open water, the harbor itself and some cityhouses. Im trying to have alot of variation to the board, thats the reason why i use hexes.

From here, the author goes on to detail, most interestingly, the four houses used. The level of detail is truly amazing. Using balsa wood, plasticard and foam core, they have managed to build incredible buildings and detail, including working hinged doors using plastic tubing!

wargame scenery hinged door

wargame scenery hinged door

wargame scenery hinged door

Do yourself a favour and have a look and be inspired!

Modular hexboard harbor and houses(WIP)
TheArcticMonkey blog on blogspot.