Warhammer 40000 Death Guard 1750 points

Now that I have established that Sisters Of Battle are far from awesome without tanks (see previous post), I can start focusing on everyone’s favorite alternative, Chaos!!

Long ago, a mate had an idea; Iron Warriors with nine Obliterators. At the time, it made me (in)famous. Probably because I managed to be improbably unsuccessful with them. The high point? Managing to kill three of my Obliterators with their own plasma weapons!

So, I am going back to my original love, Chaos Space Marines!

Admittedly, Nurgle Death Guard are becoming the new black, however, I am jumping on the bandwagon. The idea of festering, rotting, plague infected Chaos Space Marines has always held a fascination for me.

To that end, I have sat down with my trusty Chaos Space Marine codex and ripped out this 1750 point army list.

Daemon Prince (175)
-Mark of Nurgle

Greater Daemon (100)

Plague Marines x7 (261)
-Champion, Powerfist, 2x Meltagun, icon

Plague Marines x7 (261)
-Champion, Powerfist, 2x Meltagun, icon

Plague Marines x7 (246)
-Champion, Powerfist, 2x flamer

Plague Marines x7 (241)
-Champion, Powerfist, 1x flamer

Lesser daemons x7-91

Chaos Defiler (150)

Obliterators x3 (225)

Total points 1750,13 Kill points, 5 scoring units, 41 models

I could also split the Obliterators into a unit of 2+1, just to force my opponent to split fire some more. I could also go for a second Defiler, and go down to a lone Obliterator that could deep strike using one of the icons for a close multi-melta/melta shot on tanks, or whatever else. This is about the only time I advocate using deep striking Obliterators … when you’ve only got one.