Warhammer 6th edition out soon

if you believe the stories going around the internet, sixth edition is all but released.

Around the world, 6th edition rulebooks are now said to be sitting in warehouses ready to send the merchandise to retailers on July 5th, with a release set for July 7th. Check out the latest on the next big release for Warhammer 40k.
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I’m actually excited about this release. Warhammer 40000 is still my main game. Infinity, Malifaux, even Hordes are great second stringers. Infinity is undeniably taking up more of my time at the moment, both gaming and modeling wise, however Warhammer 40000 still holds me.
With the release of sixth edition, we’re also hoping to see the re-release of the Chaos codex and all the new stuff that will follow. It’s halcyon days, methinks. Watch this space or one just like it for more.