Warhammer Fantasy Lizardmen for Face Off

Those rogues at the Dwellers Below are finally running DwellersCon (or as it’s being called, Face Off). Having been collecting Warhammer Fantasy Lizardmen with Mister Almost-Ten for a couple of years.

The list that I am playing with is made up of stuff that we have collected or have easy and quick access to. As we all know, I am the slowest painter in the world (I checked); I am setting a completion date of 24th May to give as much time as possible to get the Lizardman army finished.

From the player’s pack:

The Dwellers Below present a new tournament experience for the discerning internet creepster: Face Off. This Warhammer Fantasy tournament will provide both the fun and competition of the game in the relaxed and luxurious atmosphere of a hotel. Face Off is not only a fantasy event, it is the full hobby weekend experience, with accommodation on site, a catered Sunday lunch, bar and organised Saturday night shenanigans. This will be all the fun that you can fit into one weekend.
Face Off will be 6 round 2400 point tournament.

Six rounds against some of Australia’s most enthusiastic players! There are even creepsters coming from Denmark, France and as far away as Queensland!

The list is a secret, so don’t tell anyone, but it looks like this:

+ Lords +
* Saurus Oldblood – Charmed Shield, Cold One (Thick Skinned), Dawnstone, Piranha Blade, Potion of Strength
* Saurus Oldblood – Cold One (Thick Skinned), Great Weapon, Sacred Stegadon Helm of Itza, Talisman of Preservation, The Other Trickster’s Shard

+ Heroes +
* Saurus Scar-Veteran – Cold One (Thick Skinned), Great Weapon, Light Armour, Banner of Eternal Flame
* Saurus Scar-Veteran – Cold One (Thick Skinned), Dragon Helm, Halberd, Light Armour, Opal Amulet, Potion of Speed
* Skink Priest – Dispel Scroll, To a Level 2 Wizard
* Tetto’Eko

+ Core +
* Saurus Warriors – Champion, Musician, 30x Saurus Warrior, Standard Bearer
* Skink Skirmishers – Skink Skirmisher Brave, 10x Skink Skirmisher, 10x Javelin and Shield
* Skink Skirmishers – Skink Skirmisher Brave, 10x Skink Skirmisher, 10x Javelin and Shield
* Skinks – Musician, 23x Skink

warhammer lizardmen cold one cavalry

So much tougher when you drink tea from a WWE mug! Work begins on the Death-star-o-saurus

+ Special +
* Chameleon Skinks – 5x Chameleon, Stalker
* Cold One Cavalry – Champion, 12x Cold One Rider (Predatory Fighter), Musician, Standard Bearer
* Kroxigor – 3x Kroxigor

We own sixteen(!!) Cold One Cavalry and I am dead keen on the idea of using them. I would have like an entirely cavalry mounted list, but I would have to use Lizards count as Brettonians for that. Cool idea, but time is short to learn another army!

The list is lacking in subtlety. It’s a death-star-bus-o-saurus with a (hopefully) heap of combat power from the characters that will be deployed in the bus. As with any death star, it gives up a LOT of points in one unit and needs to avoid getting bogged down.

Purple Sun will really, really make for a bad day, but that’s what the level two skink is for; to carry a dispel scroll and add a couple of dice here and there as needed.

The Lizardman list is overflowing with awesome looking models and a heap of choices, as I retool this list, you’re likely to see Stegadons, Bastilodons, Flying Lizards and all sorts of toys shoe-horned in.

At the moment, I am committed to this list (and pretty excited about it!) based on the time frame that is available.

I will just have to be careful I don’t get my FACE ripped OFF for six rounds!