Warhammer Wood Elf Spellsinger III

Rather than gluing and greenstuffing I have finally picked up a paintbrush and applied paint to miniature. My chosen target, the Wood Elf Spellsinger I have been working on.

Although progress has been a little slow, I’m happy with the result so far. I spent about an hour figuring out the paint scheme that fits in with my autumnal theme. As with special characters in any army, you want to put in more work than the rank and file guys.

Warhammer Wood Elf Spellsinger

I started at the top with the hair. Keeping up with the autumn theme, I used a red scheme. The recipe used (as usual) is a bit of a hack job that has come together well.

  • Black undercoat, first of all. I can’t remember the last time that I used a white undercoat. I know that it tends to mute the colour, but I prefer the results I get off a black undercoat.
  • Base coat in Mecharite Red. In the old days, I’d use Crimson Gore but the Foundation paints are a real gem; a more than adequate replacement.
  • Liberal amounts of Badab Black applied to the roots of the hair. Wait for it to dry.
  • Ogryn Flesh over the remaining areas of hair.
  • While the Ogryn Flesh is still wet appply liberal amounts of Baal Red over all the hair, including the Black bits done previously. Hopefully, it will all blend in a give a smoothish transition between the black and Ogryn Flesh.
  • Once it’s dry, wet brush with Mecharite Red. Wet brushing is like dry brushing, however a fair amount of pigment is still on the brush when you lightly brush the model. THe effect should leave Mecharite Red collecting on the raised parts of the hair.
  • First stage highlight is applied from about two thirds of the length of the hair towards the tips. This highlight is two parts Mecharite Red to one part Blood Red.
  • The second highlight is halfway between the highlight just done and the tip adding more Blood Red
  • Now create an orange highlight by adding Sunburst Yellow to the last highlight.
  • At the very tip of the hair, apply almost pure Sunburst Yellow add just a small amount of the orange highlight.

This is a fairly accurate record of the recipe. In the heat of battle, plans change, this is pretty close though.

Next comes the chest and the skin and Dryad parts.