Warhammer Wood Elf Spellsinger IV

Late last year, I was all inspired to start working with my Warhammer Wood Elf army, rather than sell it.

After mucking around with a test paint scheme, the autumnal colours really jumped out at me.

The first model really worked on was the Spellsinger. Using a character to inspire work on the rest of the army sometimes motivates one to get the rest of the army done. Previously, a bit of conversion and initial painting of the hair has been completed and it’s time to come back and finish the rest of the model.

Warhammer Wood Elf Spellsinger Warhammer Wood Elf Spellsinger

As much as possible, muted tones were used while keeping with the autumn theme. Hopefully, the main detail that stands out will be the hair.

The brown of the robes used Scorched Brown base over a black undercoat. The Scorched Brown was thinned with water so that a couple of coats was needed to give good coverage. By using a thinned paint, the initial coat should still show through a bit of the undercoat. Further coats can be layered on top leaving the darker colour underneath.
Leave it to dry properly, just trust me on this one.
Highlights were applied using the base and adding a small amount of Gretching Green. Initially, the mix was about four Scorched Brown to one Gretchin Green.
Additional highlights on the robes were done with more Gretchin Green added. The intended end result was a muted brown with only a hint of the Gretchin Green in the most extreme highlights.

The Spellsinger’s skin started with a base of Dwarf Flesh, followed by a thinned Baal Red wash once the Dwarf Flesh was dried.
Highlights are done with Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh in equal parts. Additional highlights are done with pure Elf Flesh and then Elf Flesh and Skull White in equal parts.

The Dryad parts are base coated in Iyanden Darksun. This was then washed with thinned down Baal Red to create the deeper highlights. Clean up with Iyanden Darksun to go back to the base. From there, highlights are done with Bleached Bone added to Iyanden Darksun in a two parts Iyanden Darksun to one part Bleached Bone ratio. Additional highlights were done by adding additional Bleached Bone to the mix.

Looking at the completed Spellsinger, I am really looking forward to getting stuck into the rest of the army. Particularly the Wild Rider conversions that I did earlier!