Warhammer Wood Elf Spellsinger I

As part of my ongoing efforts to enter the world of the “square bases” ie. Warhammer Fantasy Battle, I have been working for a while on a Wood Elf army.

Elsewhere on this blog you can see that I was at one time selling them and now have decided to keep the Wood Elves and am now eagerly anticipating the release of a new army list.

In fact, I’ve even gone so far as to come up with unit fillers and everything!

I hate to admit it, but there are only certain builds of Wood Elves that are considered competitive. I am planning on taking elements of these lists, but add some stuff of my own. At one time, I was quite sold on an entirely wood spirit army composed entirely of Dryads, Treekin and Treemen led by an Spellsinger.

The idea behind it was a lone sorceress summoning the might of the forest to smite her foes. In theory a nice idea, but on the table it was not a very exciting army to play. However, more on the list later.

I was digging around various forums and blogs looking for ideas and finding nothing especially inspiring. When picking up my Finecast, I also chanced across a conversion by the manager at Southland and it got me to thinking. The end result is starting to look like this:

Warhammer Wood Elf Spellsinger Warhammer Wood Elf Spellsinger

The new plastic Dark Elf Sorceress from Storm of Magic is absolutely brilliant for the basis as a conversion piece! If this is the path that Games Workshop are planning to go down, I’m happy to sign up for more. For an all plastic model it was amazingly detailed, but like the Finecast, some of the more detailed parts are a little brittle.

I also hacked one of the Wood Elf Sorceress models in half to use as the legs. The face is a spare Dryad head and I’m not sure whether it will finish up being her face or used as a mask. Possibly the former.

The majority of this time was spent working on the green stuff covering her chest area. The idea is to use leaves to cover the chest and up to the neck; the whole Wood Elf forest thing. The process was surprisingly simple. Get a small piece of green stuff and roll it out into a small tear drop shape.

Put the teardrop onto the model using the tip of scalpel blade in the place you want it and with the cutting edge and soft pressure, create a smooth, narrow gap. The leaves were then put on in layers building up towards the neck. It is also a good idea to dip the blade in water before starting the process as the water stops the green stuff from sticking to the knife.