We. Are. The. Hobby.

Faeit 212 has written this awesome article about our hobby and the sub-hobby (almost) dedicated to bitching.

It’s really interesting, particularly,

I once had a talk with Jes Goodwin that was at once flattering and saddening. He was telling me about how he and Phil Kelly had occasionally dropped by Warpshadow, taking a peek around to see what Tyranid modelers were up to. I was flattered; that the fathers of modern ‘Nids were snooping around our little forum! I felt about ten feet tall.

But then he told me that he doesn’t spend much time on blogs and forums because he can’t stand the levels of vitriol in them: for Games Workshop and for the models they create. He commented that it seemed to be a race: who could be first to label the next release as crap.

Many years ago, at one of the Australian Games Days I had the good fortune to meet and spend time with Jes Goodwin while he was out here. And, it turns out that as well as being a crackingly good designer of toy soldiers, he is one helluva great bloke.

I guess things like this happen when you put something into the public forum, but I can imagine that it’s a little soul destroying to see your work poo-poo-ed with the haste and vitriol that said public forum offers. There’s probably a couple of sayings that spring to mind about opinions and certain bodily orifices …

MY opinion in a free and open public forum is (and remains) this:
It’s a HOBBY.
They’re toy soldiers.
If the price/design/latest codex causes you that much distress maybe it’s time to
a ) Switch to decaf
b ) Take your hard earned and spend it elsewhere. Privateer Press, Infinity, Malifaux, Kings of War, and the list goes on, would probably love to get their hands on your hard earned. Just be careful though, some of them have ex-Games Workshop staffers working for them.