What is Termicide?

Termicide Warhammer 40K noun or verb USAGE: I unleashed Termicide all over my opponent.

Termicide is, in the Warhammer 40000 tabletop game, the unleashing of a small unit of Chaos (in particular) Terminators loaded for tank hunting. Or bear, depending on which is bigger. Normal Chaos tactics employ three Terminators in a squad Deep Striking well within enemy lines, ideally near a big, expensive tank or suitably unlucky character and hosing them down with multiple shots from combi-meltas, instantly slagging them back to the Stone Age.

REF: Ratboy’s Book of Arcane Anachronisms – 40K Edition

The above evil tactic, employed by Chaos players, is one that has really fired the random destructive part of my brain. This is the same part of my brain that sees me being convinced that five Chosen armed with Meltaguns and mounted in an Outflanking Rhino will be a total game changer at the VICC tournament this weekend.

Yes, quite.

The well known tactic as detailed above requires Deep Striking a small unit of Terminators optimised for one fantastic, shining moment of total tank destruction before being utterly annihilated by an opponent in their following turn. Either that or, once the Meltagun shot is used, they are completely ignored as their threat level is now the equivalent of a Gretchin with a slingshot.
nurgle death guard terminator
Another viable configuration is arming one (or more) of the Terminators with a Chainfist making them still a serious threat for other tanks left nearby. The squad probably weighs in at about 120 points and should distract my opponent for at least a turn blowing them away. For added single turn destruction, add two additional Terminators with combi-plasma.
However, the models are still Terminators and therefore, have terminator-esque survivability. Also, they are equipped with power weapons, so the annoyance value in close combat also remains.
nurgle death guard terminator
The other fun fact; whilst shooting the Termicide squad, my opponent is NOT shooting other things that maybe more important. Like objective capturing troops!
nurgle death guard terminator
I am erring on the side of caution here and investing in three Terminators. Two have combi-meltas, one has a Chainfist and the other has two Lightning Claws.
nurgle death guard terminator
There isn’t much in the way of conversions on the other two and no significant greenstuffing. There’s another zombie head swap (best kit ever, GW!), and that’s about it.
nurgle death guard terminator

Below are several Termicide Squad load outs directed towards filling a specific goal:

All Comers – CSM Terminators x 3: Combi Melta x2, Heavy Flamer and Chainfist x 1
* A wide variety of weapons for maximum target flexibility

Anti Tank – CSM Terminators x 3: Combi Melta x 3 and Chainfist x 1
*All weapons are geared at popping vehicles/walkers

Anti Horde – CSM Terminators x 3: Combi Flamer x 2, Heavy Flamer
*Lots of flamers to help trim the fat off of any horde

(REF: http://thechaosmanifesto.blogspot.com.au/)

Termicide; totally worth it?! Only time will tell …