Warhammer Wood Elf Wild Riders of Kurnous II

Work continues on the Wild Riders of Kurnos unit for my Wood Elf army. From a previous post, I have the mounts done and now come the riders.

These are definitely getting close to completition.

wood elf wild rider conversion wood elf wild rider conversion wood elf wild rider conversion
wood elf wild rider conversion wood elf wild rider conversion
wood elf wild rider conversion

Well, this is actually my dog.

For those keeping score, my Wild Riders are built from kit bashes. Primarily, Wood Elf Glade Riders, a heap of Greenstuff and the bodies and arms come from Beastmen to give them more of a buff (and hairy) appearance. There is some pretty heavy gap filling as the Beastmen heads are all mounted between the shoulders rather than on a neck.

I am really happy with the third one in the series. The braids came off really well and the integration of the Beastman body with the Wood Elf legs has come together as well. Everything that I have done on these models is a culmination of things that I have learnt in the last few months of practice.

I’m learning more about working with Greenstuff and if I were more patient, I would cut off some of the braiding on the earlier versions. However, application of more braids helps to cover up early experiments. I’m surprised how easy it is becoming to do small things with greenstuff.

It’s almost time to start something a little more ambitious. Now to decide what!

The photography was done with the camera in my phone in full sunlight with a modified version of the DIY lightbox. The shadows should be evidence of that!

The other interesting thing about photographing your miniatures is that it exposes the minor belmishes and inadequacies as well. And if you’re a bit of a perfectionist, it shows them up to you about a million times more obviously than if you were just taking a cursory glance!

So, it’s back to the workbench to tidy up a few braids and leaves! Hopefully they’ll be finished and I’ll have a unit of Wood Elf Wild Riders of Kurnous ready to go into my army. After I paint them, of course.