Warhammer Wood Elf Wild Riders of Kurnous

At the moment, I’m still excited about the Wood Elves and have been working away at a few of the units I plan to field.

First, some fluff.

As the personal guard of Orion, Wild Riders of Kurnous are aggressive and impulsive cavalry and much tougher than Glade Riders. They have transcended the status of elf and, through Orion have become akin to the forest spirits. They, like all forest spirits, become dormant during the winter but experience a violent rebirth in the spring, raiding lands from allied Bretonnia to the far north. Killing everyone from Bretonnians, Orcs, Beastmen, and even Wood Elves who accidentally cross paths with the wild hunt.

Total, out of control bad-assery! As a Wood Elf player, you have got to field them, if only for the fluff. You know, of course, that may be a little bit of an overreaction.

The Games Workshop Wild Riders of Kurnous are pretty awesome, but I am really trying to push myself hobbywise. My greenstuff skills are starting to pick up with help from any number of useful tutorials. Ron from FTW and posts on the Wood Elf forums asrai.org have been particularly helpful.

wood elf wild rider conversion wood elf wild rider conversion wood elf wild rider conversion
Average photos taken with phone cam. I plan to take better shots using the lightbox when I have a more polished product.

I’m really enjoying working with greenstuff. It’s forgiving and good for organic type shapes. In a fit of over enthusiasm, I ever made my own modelling tool from a bamboo skewer! Along with my trusty scalpel and an adequate supply of water, I produced the above. I’m really happy with the result, particularly the vines and leaves wrapped around one of the horses. The braids and leaves were made following various tutorials on asrai.org.

Next thing to work on is the riders. I have done some prep work on a couple of ideas, and hope to have something more concrete in the next couple of days.